The Best Beaches in Europe

It’s the height of summer right now, leaving you plenty of time to still soak up the sun.  Warm water, tan skin, and careless days await you in the Mediterranean.  Europe is full of white sand beaches, tourists, locals, and the occasional dolphin popping up to say hi.  If you are daydreaming about visiting a nearby European country for a summer vacation, make sure to check out this list before you book your trip. Here’s a few places to enjoy the sand and sun.

The Algarve

Portugal is a popular destination in general, but during the summer the population spikes, especially in certain areas. This country has two incredible beach destinations to sink your toes in to; Faro and Lagos.  Located in the south of Portugal with over 150 beaches to choose from in the area, you will have no problem finding one that fits your needs. The beautiful clear water, the sandstone cliffs, and the clean beach keep these locations on the top of the ‘perfect beach’ list.


What can I say? It’s a Greek island, of course they’re are going to have perfect beaches.  There are over 25 white sand beaches on Mykonos, all serving up the same amount of pleasure.  Turquoise colors, warm water, and endless hours of sunshine.  Mykonos is one of the most popular islands on the holiday circuit for all types of travelers.  You can find long stretches of beach that are fully catered with umbrellas, chairs and waiters to bring you those fun, fruity cocktails to


Ibiza is the ultimate party destination.  If you’re looking to meet thousands of scantily clad party goers and dance the days away on the beach, this is your spot.  Although Ibiza is known for it’s club scene, it’s also an incredibly beautiful island.  Rent a car and drive the island yourself to get the full effect of how stunning it is. But don’t spend too much in the car! The beaches on Ibiza live up to the hype.  You might just have to share it with thousands of others during the summer.  Located off the shores of Spain, Ibiza is an experience you shouldn’t miss.  The tranquil and hypnotizing water is calling your name.


This Croatian island is only a couple hour ferry ride from the bustling city of Split.  It’s also a popular day trip where you will see a nice blend of tourists and locals out at the beaches.  The beaches here are a little less about the white sand and more about the pebbles. But that doesn’t stop anyone from treading lightly to get to the bright blue water.  Don’t worry, there are sandy beaches on the north part of the island where the wind is most prevalent.  The tiny pebble beaches are also less polluted, making them the locals first choice in sunbathing and swimming.

Amalfi Coast

Italy has everything you’ve ever wanted in a holiday destination.  Art, culture, history, food, wine, and beaches.  Millions flock to the country shaped like a boot to experience it all.  The Amalfi Coast is one of those places on earth that look fake.  Small towns nestled on the coast, water that looks like it’s been painted, and beautiful views around every corner.  There’s really nothing like it. It even is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The best thing about the array of beaches available, is that they suit any style of holiday.  If you’re wanting a full-service beach, you got it.  A beach you want to hike to? Check. The only thing they all have in common is the view.  The Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world, and when the sun dances off the surface in every direction you look, you know you’ve found paradise.

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