The Best Day Hikes in all of Europe

Europe is blessed with so many different regions, it would take you years or even lifetimes to explore them all. Whether you’re looking for crystal-clear turquoise waters in the Mediterranean, or snow-capped mountains looming in the background of your next holiday, Europe has a destination for it. Europe also offers those outdoor enthusiasts some of the best nature-induced trips on the planet. Spoilt for choice, you could be on the beach one day, and be on top of the world the next. For those lovers of nature, hiking is one of the best ways to explore a region, close to home or on holiday. Check out these places for your next destination to hike and see a new part of the world by foot. Oh, and remember, do NOT forget that camera of yours!

The Fjords, Western Norway

There are a million and one photos of this hike. The point at which this hike ends is also the end of a pointy rock, jetting out of the cliff, high in the sky. Named, Trolltunga (The Troll’s Tongue), this 700 metre high rock is well worth the 10 hour return hike. This view cannot be remastered, and those who have taken the journey to the top of this hike will also tell you there’s nothing like it. With Ringedalsvatnet Lake below, the beautiful panorama, and the photo opportunity it creates, there’s more than enough to get hikers endlessly traversing the trail to get to the top. This trail is beautiful, passing waterfalls along the way. But be warned; this hike is a doozy.

El Camanito Del Rey, Spain

One of the most dangerous trails in the world, the El Camanito Del Rey hike has gone through some major improvements in 2015. The entire trail is comprised of wooden boards built into the cliff-wall, making this trail an adrenaline junkie’s heaven on earth. The 7.7 kilometre trail is only one-way, as you are harnessed to the wires on the cliff so you won’t fall. Getting around others proves to be a bit difficult, but also part of the experience. Only an hour’s drive from Malaga, this insanely popular hike only allows 600 people per day to walk the trail, due to it’s location and daylight hours available. Book well in advance if you want to scare yourself silly.

Skogar – Thorsmork, Iceland

This trail is a completely full day, ranging anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete. But it’s worth it. The hike starts on the coast and travels quickly uphill and over, to glaciers and a slew of waterfalls that will make your jaw drop. Iceland is known for it’s unbelievable beauty, and this hike completely delivers. If you’re in to waterfalls, perfect landscapes, and isolation, this hike is for you. Just remember to get there in the summer season as the trail is only open during June-September.

Painter’s Way, Germany

This trail is 112 kilometres long and makes its way through both Germany and Switzerland. Called the Painter’s Way, this trail is the same route many painters have taken to get inspiration from local landscapes for their inspiration. The beautiful terrain changes drastically as you progress on. The hike is sectioned off in eight stages and you can go as short or as long as you’d like. The starting point in Germany is in the small village outside of Dresden called Pirna-Liebethal. Considered one of the most romantic and beautiful trails in the world, this popular hiking destination wins over thousands of locals and tourists every year.

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

Scotland is a beautiful place anywhere you go, but the Isle of Skye just has that something extra. Its beautiful seaside villages, hospitable locals, and great whiskey, this is one destination that should be on the top of your list. One of the biggest reasons to take a trip over is the sheer natural beauty of the isle. A great place to see natural beauty at its finest is hiking up to the Old Man of Storr. The hike itself is pretty easy and will not take you longer than two hours to finish. Stay a while at the top and soak in the sights, or take a side trip on one of the faintly-treaded paths to a bigger panoramic look over the isle. It’s completely worth the extra hour or so.

The Eagle’s Way- Tirol, Austria

Named after it’s view, high as an Eagle’s view of the Alps, this hike has multiple routes and starting/stopping points for all hikers. The trail is a long 257 miles, broken up into 33 different stages. This is one of Austria’s favourite hiking spots, as it provides trails for the expert hiker as well as families and the beginner. It’s also one of the easiest trails to find, as majority of the trailheads are located in many tourist resort towns. This photogenic trail takes you through the Austrian Alps, as well as many other terrains that the country has to offer. Another bonus; Austria is just as beautiful as its neighbour Switzerland, and half as crowded.

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