The Best Wine Regions to Visit in Europe

There are so many places to visit in Europe, each having a unique landscape and something special to offer.  Along with famous landmarks, beautiful coastlines or mountain ranges, many european destinations are some of the best in the world for certain foods and beverages.  Wine has long been a strong tradition in many countries, dating back thousands of years of production.  If you’re a wine lover, want to learn about it, or just want to tag along for a beautiful trip, check out the list below for the best places to enjoy some vino.

Bordeaux, France

Any list involving wine should always include the Bordeaux region in France.  Located in the Southwest area of the country, Bordeaux is full of little villages that are straight out of a movie set.  One is particular is Saint-Semilon, a medieval village that made it on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.  It’s surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of rolling vineyards.  It’s also one of the oldest wine regions in the world, producing old world wines.  Wine tasting is obviously the name of the game in the region, but you will find that there are many varieties on how to do one- you can go by foot, car, bike, or even boat on some of the tours.  Either way, completely worth going for the history alone.

Istria, Croatia

Croatia is one of those places that may not be known for their wines, rather their stunning coastlines and walled cities.  But don’t be surprised if you end up loving their wines.  Istria is located in the north of the country, with rolling hills, and rich soil. Because of the richness, Istria produces some of the most sought after wines in Europe.  Their best bottles are Chardonnay and their local specialty called Malavesia Istriana; a white wine that is aged in acacia or oak casks.

Tuscany, Italy

Movies have romanticised this region of Italy over and over again.  But to its favour, reality is just as good as you see in the movies.  Tuscany is beautiful, warm, rugged, and welcoming all in  one.  Each part of Tuscany is focused on different styles of wine and each produce wines that are so unique and robust, you’ll want to buy up all their inventory.  One of my favourites has to be in Greve, the Chianti region of Tuscany.  Here, the red wine is treated like royalty and the wineries that produce this type of wine do not waste your time.  Pair it with a brilliant tour and lunch overlooking the rolling hills, and you have one wine experience you will never forget.

Champagne, France

This region may be known for other obvious regions, but it’s still a region worth mentioning for the wine.  It is one of the oldest places to produce wine and has done an excellent job in providing tours, museums, and vast information for those visiting.  Take a tour, learn about the traditions of French wine and champagne and how to pop a bottle of bubbles the correct way! The best part about this region is that is close to Paris and can be included in any trip to the cosmopolitan city.

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