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December’s must know travel tips

1. Why you should create your own mini-guide book

Even if you have a guidebook, write out a brief plan for visiting a city on a sheet of paper (I do this on the plane ride over). This way, you have a quick reference of what you want to see, as well as a backup in case you lose your travel guide (like I did at the Paris Airport trying to catch my train into the city (and figure out how to buy the ticket without standing in line for an hour…).

2. How to easily remember addresses for postcards

If you’re sending post cards, pre-address sticky labels (and don’t forget the country!) to save time trying to remember Aunt Sarah’s address (is it 34 West 54th St or 54 West 34th St?)

3. The phone numbers you should pre-program into your Mobal World Phone

Pre-program in the phone numbers of the hotels you are staying at in your Mobal phone – so that in the worst case, you can call them to figure out how to get there.

4. Why you should keep a note of your Mobal World Phone

(And this happened to me!) Record the phone number for Mobal on paper and store it separately from your phone. That way in case it gets lost or stolen, you can contact Mobal to have the service cut off (and not get billed for Ludmilia calling Boris from Paris to Moscow…).

I enjoy the travel tips!


5. Why you should cross pack your luggage

Cross pack – Pack each suitcase with clothing from both traveling companions. Then if one suitcase is lost or delayed, you each have some of your belongings.

Diane Weisstuch
Wayne, NJ

If you’ve got a travel tip you’d like to share, or something to add to the tips above, leave a comment below…

Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

3 thoughts on "December’s must know travel tips"

  • Pam says:

    Just an observation about “cross packing”……. I always travel using a back pack with a detachable day pack. I keep my money (credit cards) passport and tickets in a small canvas bag around my neck under my shirt. I wear one outfit and pack three. ALL mix and match. Two pairs of shoes and at least one pair of wool socks, wool stays warm when wet. I have gone on a cruise and on hiking trips with the same amount of clothing. I wash clothes regularly and always bring a nice jacket and scarf for dinner. Once at a table no one looks at what you have on your feet. One rule I learned early and have passed along to my son is never, ever pack more than you can easily carry. It has worked like a charm for me ! Thanks.

  • Betty Sheldon says:

    In response to Tip #3 above, I program in not only the numbers of the hotels I’ll be staying at and the local contacts I’ll need, but also the numbers for limo or taxi companies I’ll need to call once I get back to my home airport. (This assumes I’m travelling with only the Mobal phone AND it’s the kind that will work in the U.S.) After all, what good is it having a mobile but not being able to call the limo company that’ll get you home from the airport? (And I totally agree with Tip #4, too.)

  • suzanne barber says:

    I always scan a page with all my IDs on it, e.g. passport, credit cards, insur docs, etc. Then I email it to myself as an attachment. As long as I can access a computer, I can retrieve cc of important data, without having to carry/hide copies on me.

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