February’s 5 Must Know Travel Tips

1. How To Avoid Jet Lag

There is a product I’ve used for years called “No JetLag”. It’s made in New Zealand and can be purchased through Magellan’s (travel supply company like Travel Smith). I used to buy it at Trader Joe’s in CA but they don’t carry it any longer.

No JetLag is a homeopathic product… take 1 tablet 1 hour before departure & every 2 hours while flying & 1 more 1 hour or so after landing. I’m usually pretty much right on local time as far as being ready to go to sleep, eat and so forth. I don’t exactly feel like I’ve had 8 hours of the greatest sleep ever but certainly not waking up at weird hours and so forth. Another symptom I still feel as part of jet-lag is sort of a “heavy, tired body” feeling, like I’ve done a lot of extra yard work, lifting or whatever, which I guess I have hauling luggage etc… but that feeling is minimal.

So give No JetLag a try.

Karen Kanar
Born to Travel

2. How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

I keep 1 or 2 wooden clip-type clothespins in my luggage to hold curtains closed that won’t do so on their own.

3. How To Stop Spreading Germs

The largest size of Purell or other hand sanitizer or wipes that will fit in my purse comfortably. After unavoidable contact with any hard surface such as counters, doors, airline arm rests and seat belt buckles we use it to help prevent transfer of germs.

4. How To Be Prepared For A Hotel Blackout

A small but powerful flashlight comes in handy lots of times other than a hotel blackout or fire.

5. What Not To Forget When Renting A Car

When driving in a country where I don’t understand the language, a compass is very useful.

Bonnie McNeil Lampert

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