July’s 4 Must See Websites

1. How To Take 200 Books On Vacation With None Of The Weight

If you love to read on vacation, but hate all the extra weight carrying books adds to your luggage, then you need the Amazon Kindle.

It is a new handheld computer that can store 200 books, and has a screen specially designed for reading from.

Check out the Amazon Kindle here >>

2. 25 Places To Visit In America For Free

Why spend money on things when you can get them for free? Here are 25 attractions where you can go and abuse the facilities and not have to pay a penny (unless of course you happen to live on the otherside of the country and need a flight and hotel!).

Check out the 25 places to visit in America for free here >>

3. The World’s Sexiest Beaches

I’m not quite sure what makes people think beaches are sexy — sounds like a dubious perversion to me — but they do, and they’ve listed them for you.

If the idea of a beach gets you hot under the collar too, you should check them out.

Check out world’s sexiest beaches here >>

4. 8 Healthy Travel Tips

Sun, sea and sand can all be great, but only if you don’t over indulge. Follow these tips to make sure you stay healthy on vacation

Check out 8 healthy travel tips here >>

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