March’s 5 Must Know Travel Tips

1. How To Repair A Broken Hotel Toilet (And Other Items)

Michael: A travel tip I have seen before, but never too much of a good thing. I always carry a small roll of duct tape with me. I even used it to repair the broken toilet seat in a villa we rented in France.


2. Another Use For Your Mobal World Phone

In response to Bill McGough’s story of getting a wake-up call from his wife–my Mobal phone has an alarm function. On a trip to Italy this past May, I discovered that I’d forgotten my little travel alarm. No worries. I used the alarm function on the Mobal phone and never missed getting up when I needed to, including the wake-up for a 4:30 departure from the hotel to the airport. (Can’t help but wonder if Bill was staying in Taormina and had to get to Catania airport, which doesn’t open–that is, the manned counters don’t open–until 6 a.m.)

Betty Sheldon

3. How To Rearrange Hotel Electrical Items To Your Liking

I always pack a 6′ extension cord. Sometimes plugs are not easily accessible for hair dryer, to relocate the coffeepot (out of the bathroom, for instance) and/or my phone charger.

Kathy in Louisiana

4. How To Keep An Emergency Telephone Numbers’ Back Up List

Make your emergency info available anywhere. E-mail to yourself all important card numbers and reporting telephone numbers, passport number, emergency telephone numbers, insurance info, consulate’s addresses and numbers in the cities you will travel to, anything that can get you out of a jam.

Gauri Devi

5. How To Identify Your Luggage Easily

To make it easy to identify your luggage at a distance, put tape (with your initials) on your luggage (duct tape and or reflecting tape on the corners).

Also, in addition to a luggage tag attached to the handle, consider taping your name and address inside the bag.

Robert Lamson

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