Need Help Saving for Your Holiday? Read This.

Saving for a vacation does not have to be backbreaking work.  Depending on how long you have to save and how long you’re going on vacation, saving for a trip can be relatively easy.  It’s just a matter of setting up goals and following guidelines to your end goal.  I know it may seem easier said than done, but if you actively try to save using any of these tips below, you will save more money more quickly for your holiday.  And who doesn’t want extra cash to use for whatever you want while you’re exploring a different place? Start with this list, and you’ll be surprised how much money you can actually save.

Stop eating out

I know it’s easier said than done, but it dramatically decreases your savings if you eat out frequently. You can also improve your health through cooking at home. One of the biggest decisions I made before saving for holiday is to plan out my meals for the whole week. This helps you keep track of your food expense much easier, and you can do a shop once a week for all your meals and prepare them on Sunday, ready and raring to go.

Limit yourself to one social or entertainment expense a week

This could be the movies, drinking, dining out, shopping, etc. You will not believe how much money you spend on random things.  If you like to go out, minimize it to once or twice a week. Remember, you can go out more on your trip if you take a step back from blowing your money at home.  Also, home is always going to be there, so you can go back to your regular schedule of going out when you get back.

Try free activities

Find fun and free things to do with friends. Local events are often free and there are endless activities if you put your mind to it. Check your local newspapers, Google free events in your city, ask friends to come over for a night in, or get into spending time outside. All of these are free, and can be a great alternative to going out and spending money.

Use public transport

Save petrol money, save the planet! Well, you’ll be doing your part at least.  Using public transport cuts costs drastically, especially if you have to pay for parking each day.  If you don’t want to use public transport or none is available, look into share rides with other coworkers.

Write down all expenditures

Start a spreadsheet and write your goal on the top and print it out and put it on the fridge, in your room, your car, anywhere really. It will keep you motivated and aware of your goals. When you write down everything you spend, you become more aware of where you can cut costs and save a little more.

Get a second job

Your goal is to go on vacation. Sacrificing some of your extra time for more money will dramatically help you in reaching this goal. Your social life might take a hit, but you’ll be happy you had the extra savings with all the amazing destinations and opportunities that you won’t want to miss out on once you’ve arrived. Even if you’re going on a short holiday, picking up a side gig always fills your pockets faster.

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