Octobers Must See Travel Websites

1. Pictures of Beautiful Beaches

Now we’re heading into Autumn, I thought you might like reminding what a beautiful beach looks like…

…next summer suddenly seems a long way away.

Check out the pictures of beautiful beaches here >>

2. 5 Insanely Small Inhabited Islands

Apparently “no man is an island”, but if you owned one of these you might prove the exception to the rule…

Check out the 5 Insanely Small Inhabited Islands here >>

3. 10 Interestingly Abandoned Places

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, why not buy the flights but then stay for free in one of these abandoned places. What they lack in comfort they certainly make up for in… well, weirdness I suppose.

And if Scooby Doo is to be believed, you might find the odd fake ghost wandering around…

Check out the 10 interesting abandoned places here >>

4. Packing List Generator

Take all the effort out of thinking what to pack, and let your computer do it for you. Just enter all the details of your next trip and get a list of what you need to take.
Check out the packing list generator here >>

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  1. Justin

    i really like the post .
    Packing generator i like it the most .

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