Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Thanksgiving Traveling TipsHere are some Thanksgiving traveling tips that will allow you to enjoy the festivities, rather than worry about them. Some traveling tips are just common-sense, others are more inventive.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year, especially in the US where millions will take to the roads, or skies, to visit family and friends, or just to get away themselves.


Here’s our Thanksgiving Traveling Tips:


Allow plenty of time for your journey.

When you’re traveling it’s important to give yourselves enough time to complete your journey, whether that’s a trip in the car, or just getting to the airport with time to spare.

If you’re driving you may want to consider leaving the night before. This has plenty of benefits, especially if you have tired kids, as they are more than likely to fall asleep. Another advantage is that the highways, and other roads, tend to be less busy.


Be prepared for the journey.

Another one of our Thanksgiving Traveling Tips is to allow yourself plenty of time to make your journey, but you need to be prepared for the journey itself.

Take healthy snacks and plenty to drink, as well as games and activities to keep passengers preoccupied during the journey. Even the little things can help, if you’re driving try to listen to a variety of radio stations, or take an array of different music, just to cater for everyone.


It’s good to talk, but not too much.

Whether you’re traveling alone, or with family or friends, it’s nice to have good conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk to others that aren’t in your traveling party.

However, there is a time and place to discuss certain things, especially when it comes to traveling with family. Try not to discuss anything negative, or items that could offend or cause arguments. Remember this is a special time, about gratitude, not the time for fall outs.


Don’t always pack light. Just pack appropriately.

We’re always being told to pack light, and this does have its advantages. Really we should be thinking about packing appropriately. You should be considering how long you’re staying, the local weather, any luggage limitations on your flight and airport restrictions.

If you’re driving you should still consider what you are packing, as even the weight of the vehicle can affect the way you drive it.


It’s a holiday, not working out of the office.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with loved ones, so if you do find yourself taking your laptop or tablet with you try and keep any work down to a minimum.

If you do have to do any work, try and do this in transit. If you decide to use your laptop or tablet whilst flying be considerate to those other passengers around you.


So, if you’re traveling this Thanksgiving stay safe, especially if you’re traveling outside of the country. If you’re planning to do this, don’t forget to take a Mobal World Phone with you to keep in touch.

I hope you find these Thanksgiving traveling tips useful, and if you have your own traveling tips please leave a comment.

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