What to Pack in Your Carry On

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying across the country or across a continent, there are definitely staples that should be in everyone’s carry on to ensure a nice and relaxing flight. I have found over the years of travel that the list below have become a savior of sorts, especially on long-haul flights. The best part; they all can fit into your personal carry on bag. Whether you’re male or female, many of these products are perfect for each! Read the list below to see if you use any of these items when you travel.

Ear plugs

Screaming babies, loud music from your neighbor, and general noisy plane sounds can keep you up well past your bedtime. Having a set of earplugs will help eliminate the sound and allow you to rest, especially if you’re on a long flight around the world.


Whether your music is on your phone, computer, or iPod, music can be an essential addition to any flight. It also helps with flight anxiety, if you’re not keen to fly. I put on a relaxing playlist to help me drift into sleep and keep me calm. Especially when I’m traveling 14 hours over the Pacific Ocean!


I bring my laptop to write, but it’s nice to have if you want to watch movies if your plane doesn’t have TV sets in the head rests. I also like to edit videos and write travel stories to pass the time. Either way, it’s great to have with you.

Face cream

Any type of moisturizer will do wonders for your skin. Since you’re so high up in elevation, your skin dries out drastically on flights. Having a travel-sized hand and face cream to keep your skin moisturized is key to stepping off the plane looking refreshed and alive.

Face spritz

This is something that I always thought was a ridiculous addition until I tried it. I do a lot of long-haul flights and having a spritz of rosewater on my face revitalises my skin and wakes me up instantly. I used it a few times over the duration of the flight to keep my skin hydrated.

Compression socks

If you’re anything like me, your feet will swell up like a balloon at high elevation. Compression socks keep the circulation flowing in your legs and reduces the chance of swelling. I wear them a few hours before my flight and the entire time on the plane and a few hours after. This helps with keeping my feet and ankles to a normal size!

Neck pillow

This is a must! Neck pillows not only help you with your posture, they are extremely comfortable. I have the hardest time sleeping on planes (mainly because I’m so excited!) and neck pillows allow me to feel comfortable enough to sleep sitting up. They’re also great to use if you find yourself having to sleep in the airport or have a long layover.

Sleeping mask

Other passengers close and open their windows frequently and getting enough shut eye on the plane can be quite difficult. Black out the light with a sleeping mask to allow yourself to feel like it’s night time. It’s a great way to trick yourself into feeling tired.


With bringing an iPod, laptop and whatever else electronics, do not forget to bring their chargers. Many planes have USB ports in the chairs now so it’s easy to keep everything charged. It’s also nice to have them on your carry on in case your luggage doesn’t show up.


I always keep expensive products and items in my carry on. You never know what can happen with your bags and having your things on your person is a much better for the mind. Sunglasses are great if you’re trying to hide from the world or arriving in a sunny location.


With so many different dietary requirements these days, airplane food has either become a small snack or nothing at all. Even long flights in economy has cut back on its food. I suggest bringing healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts to keep you energized and full but not bloated. Other great options are trail mix and protein bars.

Water bladder

Having a water bottle or bladder that can fold up when it’s empty (to pass through security) and fill with water afterwards is perfect for your carry on. They’re reusable and you can fill it up for your flight so you will always be hydrated.

Eye Drops

Eyes are another part that gets quite dry on flights. Eye drops keep your eyes clear and rids you of the unwanted red-rimmed eyes. I use them when I get on the flight and right when we’re about to land. It allows my eyes to adjust in both situations.

Is there anything you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sammye Greer

    Where’s the electronic reader or book? Necessary for the trip, and a comfort if your checked bag is delayed. Moreover, in case of a delay, which I have experienced several times, pack the clothes that you will need on the day of your arrival and that would serve for a 2nd day. I never travel without including an appropriate change of clothes and have been well-served. I also include in my carry-on any special outfit that can’t be easily replaced at my destination — such as a dress for a fancy reception.
    In a small village in Ireland I witnessed a couple asking for information about getting prescription eyeglasses quickly; seems they had put theirs in the checked luggage, along with their rain jackets — at the time it rain was sweeping through the village.

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