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Which Is The Cheapest Country You’ve Traveled In?

With the euro at an all time high against the dollar, I thought it’d be helpful to find the cheapest country you’ve traveled to, to help your fellow Mobal Members who are feeling the pinch…

Please reply with your tips either in the comments box below, or email me at

3 thoughts on "Which Is The Cheapest Country You’ve Traveled In?"

  • David Resch says:

    Stick to the “unpopular” South and Central American Countries. They always have a good exchange rate. You have to go native to get the real deals. The plane ticket to Turkey would be expensive from the U S. Spirit airlines has cheap flights to South, Central and Islands of the Caribbean. You could backpack anywhere in the world and travel on a budget.

  • Johanna Hocker says:

    Riding my 21 speed on all the great biking trails of the US. Wonderful.

  • Bob Shelton says:


    The Turkish Lira is the weakest in the world. A clean room for about $2.00. Buffet lunch about the same. But not in Istanbul. Try Ismir or Pammukele.

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