10 Websites that Make Travel Easy (Part 2)

Make travel easy, with these websites.

Off the shelf guide books and travel websites are great for helping you plan your trips. However, nothing quite helps you find those little hidden gems, or understand how a place really works compared to getting the advice of people who either live there or have been before. The benefit of there experiences can often make travel much, much easier for you. And don’t forget to share your travel experiences with friends and family using your international cell phone from Mobal.

Here are 6 to 10 of 10 websites which help make your travels much easier:

1. Localyte.com

Localyte.com can make travel easy, it’s a website that allows you to connect with locals in a certain destination. The difference to Localyte.com compared to other websites which connect you with locals is that it spans the range from volunteers who are happy to share information about where they live to travel professionals who can provide you with paid for services when you arrive, depending on the level of local information you require for your trip.

2. Connecting Solo Travel Network (cstn.org)

Make travel easy with cstn.org the website offers advice to those that choose to, or have to, travel alone. They give tips and advice on destinations from the perspective of a solo traveler, but also give solo travelers the chance to meet other traveling to the same destination in the same circumstances who might wish to meet up.

3. Couchsurfing.org

This is already a very popular website that you might have already heard of, but basically it allows you to contact people in the destination you’re visiting who are willing to put you up in their place for free. The idea is that when you sign up you are happy to do the same for others visiting your home town (you do get the chance to refuse people, don’t worry). Although what is on offer may only be a couch, you also find that people have complete spare rooms too, so it is a cheap way to stay somewhere, plus, you get a lot of local flavor and an unofficial guide to ask questions or even show you round.

4. AFAR Connect

afar.com is another website which can make travel easy. They connect you with other travelers, locals and expats in destinations and both ask and answer questions about that destination.

5. Farecompare.com

Using all the websites mentioned above you can learn about and connect with people who have intimate knowledge they can share about the destination you’re heading to, but you still need to get there in the first place if you’re going to make use of all this new knowledge. Farecompare.com helps you do this helping you compare the different fares from the different airlines traveling to your destination. Plus you can sign up for email alerts in case a cheaper fare suddenly becomes available.

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