5 Reasons Why You Should Still Send Postcards

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In this day and age of email, Facebook and international cell phones it seems that the art of sending postcards is slowly becoming lost. After all, you have to actually write the damn thing, and then go try and find a stamp. And probably when asking about stamps you’ll be confronted by the most unhelpful post office staff in the world, because you’ve dared to ask them to help you.

It makes sending an email the obvious choice.

But wait, we can’t go on like this. Just picture yourself receiving a postcard out of the blue. It’s charming and it puts a smile on your face. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why you should revive the art of sending postcards…

1. It will make you stand out

Sure it’s nice to receive an email from friends, but really is it that exciting. Does it make you smile inside to be reading black font off a flickering white screen. Will you save that email and treasure it. Will you pass it around your friends and family. No, you probably won’t. However, if you send a postcard to some one you’ll suddenly make yourself different. More thoughtful. More interesting.

2. It’s actually easy

Despite the introduction going on about having to find a stamp, it can be much more frustrating and expensive trying to find a computer from which you can send your faceless emails. Or if you have your own laptop, having to schlepp it around trying to find a Wi-Fi spot or a spare plug socket. With a postcard you can simply buy it, then got sit at a pavement cafe while you carefully craft your message, and then you’ll probably find in the post office there is a machine with English menus from which you can buy your stamp. Not a surly post office worker in sight.

3. It won’t get erased or deleted

With an email you’re running two risks. One is that after being read it is simply deleted by the person you sent it to, and completely forgotten by the end of the day. With a postcard the recipient is much less likely to simply throw it so quickly (although it may languish in a drawer for years to come).

And the second risk is that you’re computer crashes mid-email writing and you have to simply start over again, if the computer comes back online at all that is (if you’ve ever used computers in internet cafes, you’ll know this can happen very easily). With a postcard however, assuming you don’t lose it, you can simply write at your leisure with no frustrations.

4. It won’t get hacked

Using computers in places like internet cafes can be very useful, but also open to many security risks. These can range from things as simple as forgetting to sign out of your account when you’ve finished, to malicious software on the computers that record personal details of the people who use them. With a postcard all this is forgotten, sure someone could read it in the post office sorting room, but that’s the worst that could happen, and I’m sure they have better things to do with their time.

5. You might get put on the wall

Depending on your taste in postcards, you may find yours being pinned to the wall, or even framed and hung for years to come. Sure if you pick one from the tackier end of the scale then it might get overlooked, but if you picked a tasteful or artistic one, then there’s no reason why it might not be considered as art.

So, now you have no excuses. On your next trip overseas, brighten someone’s day and send them a postcard!

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