5 travel tips for October 2010

1. Organize your receipts

If you have to save receipts while traveling, purchase a plastic coupon holder to help you keep track of them (it’ll also protect them).  You can label each section of the coupon holder by category (hotel, rental car, gas, food, etc.); or you can label it by day of the week.  The coupon holders area compact and easily fit into a laptop case, purse, or travel bag.

Alice Vasquez, Concord, Calif.

2. Dress like a local

When my husband and I visit places like India and Thailand, we pack only one extra change of clothes.  When we arrive, we hit a local market and buy native attire—woven shirts, saris, sarongs etc.  Not only does this make packing easier, but we get a better cultural experience and end up with lots of wearable souvenirs.

Alegre Vincent, Phoenix, Ariz.

3. Make instant memories

Carry a Polaroid camera when traveling to third-world countries.  In Cambodia, several village children gathered around us, posed enthusiastically for pictures, and were fascinated by their images in our digital cameras.  We wanted to send them pictures, but they were unable to tell us their addresses.  Polaroids would have solved the problem.

Alan Webb, Springtown, Pa.

4. Witch hazel has multiple uses

It can kill odor-causing bacteria, relieve sunburn, stop bleeding, act as a facial astringent, and even be used as mouthwash (just don’t swallow).  It can be put in a travel-sized spray bottle.

Aaron Worthing, Williamston, Mich.

5. Don’t waste time waiting for your luggage on the first day of a cruise

Instead of packing your swimsuit away with the rest of your clothes, put it in a small bag and carry it with you.  Once you board the ship, you’ll be able to enjoy the pool long before your suitcases are delivered to your cabin.

Tom Griffith, Millbrae, Calif.

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3 thoughts on “5 travel tips for October 2010

  1. Travel to Germany

    I love traveling, now i am about to go to Germany, thanks for the helpful tips.

  2. Donald Newcomb

    Do they still make Polaroid film?

  3. Brenda Garrity

    When traveling, I take my new POGO polaroid camera. It is a digital camera that also prints the pictures you take, so you can “give” a picture to a new friend, etc. and still have the digital picture for yourself.

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