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April’s Travel Tips from the Mobal Community

1. Start a coaster collection

At a bar in my late grandfather’s home city in Denmark I was served a Danish beer called Ceres.  I noticed the coaster under my glass and asked the barman if I could have one to take home.  He gave me a stack of them and they make great conversation pieces at parties.

Marie Farhang, Detriot, Mich.

2. Carry a twist tie in your wallet

Among other ingenious uses, a twist tie can temporarily replace a lost screw on a pair of sunglasses.  Just peel the paper or plastic off the tie so you have bare wire, insert it where the screw was, and twist it to tighten.  Unlike Scotch tape or a safety pin, a twist tie is small enough to hold until you’re able to replace the screw.

Lynn Fermino, Los Angeles, Calif.

3. Socks protect fragile items in luggage

Put your perfume or cologne bottles inside pairs of rolled-up socks to keep them cushioned during your trip.

Lucy Fisher, Harwich, Mass.

4. Pack your own picnic gear

A company called Orikaso makes brightly colored polypropylene sheets that can be folded to form a dish or a bowl or a cup.  The sheets are lightweight and reusable.  You simply flatten them when you’re finished.

Lori Fraser, Fremont, Calif.

5. Concierges are full of good advice

When I’m planning a trip, I almost always call the hotel concierge before I arrive (and if my hotel doesn’t have one I call one that does).  Recently, I asked for advice on what to see since I had only four days in a new city.  After I told the concierge what I thought I should try to do, she said I had too many things packed into four days.  She gave me a list of hotspots to visit and places to avoid.  With her help, my trip was much more enjoyable.

Linda Freeman, Venice, Calif.

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Author: Emma

Emma is a Online Marketing Specialist at Mobal. She is responsible for our outbound marketing efforts including planning and executing email campaigns, social media and blog posts. She also works with the Web Designers at Mobal to update the website and to help to create a better experience for the user.

6 thoughts on "April’s Travel Tips from the Mobal Community"

  • C. Thompson says:

    How would I copy my Outlook/smartphone Contacts to a new Mobal world phone before departing on a trip?

  • Bert Tomon says:

    Scan your passport, credit cards,hotel and air confirmation numbers, also medical info; then email the scanned info to yourself. So, if documents are lost or stolen in a foreign land, simply go to an internet location and open and print your needed info. Its hard to argue at the airport when you have no ID or any info.

  • Donald Newcomb says:

    Link your travel phone’s SMS to a Twitter account. That way you can keep your entire family updated on your travel situation with a single text message.

  • anita friedman says:

    In a small plastic bag I created what I refer to as “my office”. In it are paper clips, elastic bands, small post-it notes, scotch tape, tiny stapler. I’ve never not used it on any trip I take.

  • Sandra Glass says:

    I use a small soft-sided address book when I travel. It fits into waist or neck security items. In it I put all the details of the country eg If visiting France, under P for Paris I put hotel details, reservation and telephone numbers, places to visit as a result of my research, specialty items or food to buy, etc. I record each city’s information within the book’s alphabetized system.

  • Daniel Schainholz, MD, MPH says:

    Never, ever, use a green laser pointer to give a presentation. Attendees sitting at the proper angle of reflection will have afterimages every time you use the pointer, potentially hurting their eyes. A red (helium-neon) laser is much lower power and just as attention-getting. Dazzle your audience with your wit, not your laser pointer!

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