Sample the foods of the world

Foods Of The World – What’s Your Choice?

Sample the foods of the worldDo you try the differing foods of the world when you go on vacation?

When I go on vacation it’s important to me to immerse myself in the local culture, and this extends to sampling the local cuisine, as well as the locally produced drinks.

I’ve tried some amazing local dishes, some of which I’d quite happily eat again and some not. We’re all individuals, so it’s only natural that some foods are more of an acquired taste to put it nicely. I would also give my family and friends a call, using my Mobal World Phone, to update them as to what I’ve tried, and I’ve also got the recipes to text them in an SMS message.


So, what local foods of the world have you loved or loathed whilst you have been on vacation? Please comment in the box below…

7 thoughts on “Foods Of The World – What’s Your Choice?

  1. Jane

    The bread dumplings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are fabulous.
    My family members who made dumplings while I was growing up made them for holidays.
    Eating them in the Czech Republic and Slovakia brought back many fond memories of family gatherings.

  2. Renita

    Here in Thailand, all the street food is of its own. But my favorite is the roti. You can get it so many different ways. It is a muslim version of the European crepe. I can’t get enough of it! I teach here and my roti lady knows I will be there 6 days a week and knows how I like my order -banana mixed with 2 eggs cooked into the roti with sweetened condensed milk on top. Yum!

  3. linda desjarlais

    Pstizzi – hot from the street corner bakeries that are all over Malta. They are good here at home, made by family, but so much better enjoyed in their traditional setting!

  4. Guy

    We have been to Scotland twice and are going back next year. The fresh food in pubs and restaurants is wonderful. How do you beat, “Pheasant may contain shot,” on the specials board? Same for “Salmon/lamb/mussels just in.” And don’t even get me started on cullen skink!

    I love haggis. Everybody’s haggis. However, since Habbersett’s scrapple (Philadelphia) was probably the first solid food I ever had, maybe that’s not a surprise. 😉

  5. Bruce Valley

    Stephen, I hear you loud and clear. Excellent. Find all the new stuff. In Romania this year I enjoyed a dish of cock testicles, comb and gizzard fixed in a goulash like mixture. And, I emphasize ENJOYED.

  6. joan cooper

    A favorite memory of time spent in Barcelona, Spain was the ever-present “Pan con Tomate.” It was served seemingly everywhere – I’ve tried to duplicate it here – not the same!

  7. Stephen Trenery

    The best food I’ve ever tasted, or should I say ‘foods’ I’ve sampled was when visiting Greece.

    I was kindly invited in to friend of the families home to enjoy a Meze, which is a series of food served individually in bowls or plates and you basically sample a little from each.

    It was the freshest and most beautifully served food I’ve ever had.

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