5 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Your Travel Documents Safe?

  1. Donald Newcomb

    After once spending 15 minutes at the airline counter looking through my black luggage for my black ticket wallet, I went out and bought a bright orange ticket wallet. It is always carried in a specific side-pocket on my carry-on bag. My passport and back-up credit card go in a neck pouch which is normally tied to my belt and carried down a pants leg. I keep a color photocopy of the main page of my passport someplace separate from the passport. My wife carries a copy of mine and I carry a copy of hers. We also each carry photos of the other.

  2. Bernie

    This depends on the country you are in. In the Canada, UK, Denmark I carry a photocopy and leave PP in hotel safe. In Asia and Latin America, carry PP with you. Always good to have am extra copy of your PP in a safe place in case it is lost or stolen. I typically let the US Embassy know before I visit, travel dates, where I will be staying and send my PP number just in case of a problem. Fortunately, I’ve never had any problems.

  3. Michael Martin

    I scan the identity page of my passport and carry only a color copy with me on daily excursions in countries that allow this. Otherwise, my passport and the bulk of my money is in a waiste wallet inside all my clothes. Only small amounts of money is kept in my pockets.

    This saved me when I was surrounded by pickpockets in the Rome subway. I felt their hands all over me, but they couldn’t get to anything and they let me go.

  4. Jim

    While flying I keep them in an inner pocket of my travel vest. When touring they go into a heavily velcroed pocket on the side of my thigh. If I am attending a function too “formal” for cargo slacks, I have a passport pouch that has a belt loop attachment, so the pouch hangs donw inside the back of my dress slacks.

  5. Don

    I alway’s make up a dummy wallet put in fake credit cards and if they want it let them have it I always lock up my passport and carry a photo copy with me and watch where I’m going staying safe and be aware of what’s around you !!

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