June’s 5 Travel Tips From Mobal Members

1. Use baby wipe to remove stains

As well as being good at killing germs, you can also try using baby wipes on your clothing if
you spill food down yourself.

Charles Rybczyk, Richmond, Va

2. Make a travel journal for your kids

Before we went to London, I created a personalized booklet on our computer with fill-in pages
like “the new foods I tried”, “best candy”, “words I learnt” and the “most fun/boring museums”.
Instead of being daunted by lots of blank journal pages, my daughter had a blast answering
the questions and filling in all the details.

Carole Sapp, Warren, Vt.

3. Thou shalt not sightsee on the Sabbath

If you plan to visit Prague, and the Jewish Holocaust memorials, remember that synagogues
close early on Friday and stay closed on Saturdays.  Make sure you aren’t only there for the

Carol Scherzberg, Media, Pa.

4. You won’t always save by bringing the rental car back early

Alamo has instituted a new early-return policy at all of its locations, designed to discourage
customers from returning cars early.  If you show up at the lot a day or two ahead of
schedule, Alamo will recalculate what you owe them on a daily rate.  If it turns out to be less
than you would have paid for the week, they’ll charge a $15 fee.  Yet another reason to read
the fine print on your contract carefully.

Carol Schmidt, Yarmouth Port, Mass.

5. Avoid unnecessary minibar charges

While I was reviewing the itemized bill prior to checking out of my hotel, I noticed a $7.50
charge for a beer from the minibar.  I was very surprised since I had put my own drinks back
in the minibar to replace what I’d taken.  When I asked at reception they told me that the
minibar was weight sensitive.  Once I explained, they removed the $7.50 charge.

Carey Schweisguth, Americus, Ga.

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