October’s Mobal Members’ Travel Tips

1. A beach ball can replace many expensive in-flight gadgets

Depending on how much you inflate it, the ball can function very comfortably as a footrest, back support, or as a lap pillow to support your book.

Ed Perun, Sioux City, Iowa

2. Research any local auto insurance requirements before renting a car

With two of our last three car rentals, the local branch wanted documentation beyond the standard insurance card issued by our insurance company. In San Juan, we were delayed half an hour while the agent made phone calls to verify that our liability insurance was good in Puerto Rico. In Miami, if we hadn’t provided proof that our insurance covered rental cars, we would have been charged a daily collision insurance fee. Fortunately, we knew ahead of time and took a copy of the pertinent section of our policy. We were using a credit card that included car rental insurance, but proof of that cover was also required.

Dorothy Pileggi, San Francisco, Calif.

3. Put your bathing suit in your carry-on

There’s nothing worse than not being able to swim because you made it to your hotel but your luggage didn’t. If your suit is still damp for the flight home, again, put it in your carry-on so it won’t get moldy if your bags are delayed.

Dori Plewak, Leawood, Kans.

4. There’s yet another use for those old contact lens cases

They can store the last bit of lipstick or concealer that can be scooped out of the bottom of the tube. Sure beats wasting it. The case is watertight and holds just enough for a weekend trip.

Deb Porch, Lanoka Harbour, N.J.

5. Use hangers for in-room laundry

Instead of bringing one of those bungee cables to hang-dry my delicates and socks, I pack a couple of mini plastic hangers—the ones that bras and panties come on when you buy them. They take up very little room in my luggage and can be thrown away at the end of the trip.

Danne Prendergast, Huntington Beach, Calif.

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3 thoughts on “October’s Mobal Members’ Travel Tips

  1. Brenda Garrity

    Why pack hangers when you can use those provided in your hotel room? If they are the kind that have no hook on the top, I wrap the undies in a hotel towel so they won’t drip, then hang them in the closet.

  2. Joan Jensen

    I would like to see the video on the maids treatment of dirty hotel dishes you featured a couple of years ago. Thank you

  3. Pat Trowbridge

    We are going to Belize on Oct. 16th.
    What is the procedure for reactivating my Nobal phone??
    Thank you for your response.

    Pat Trowbridge

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