Should You Listen to Government Travel Warnings?

Here’s what some of your fellow Mobal Member’s think about government travel warnings…

Maureen Rea says:

“I usually check the government travel warnings so that I am aware. It doesn’t put me off travelling though.”

Jeremy Powers says:

“Depending on the warning, I actually LIKE the warnings. Years ago, I remember when a bomb went off in Piccadilly Circus, we went to London and it was wonderful because all of the other tourists stayed away. I figure that foreign countries are safer than the average American city.”

Dina says:

“I cannot or will not pay attention to any travel warnings from a country that supports the ridiculous and invasive screenings of the TSA. The USA is totally clueless as to how prevent or control terrorism, and tends to only spread irrational fear amongst its citizens.”

Gary says:

“It doesn’t take a brain surgery to know how to travel wisely, to have the information is useful and helpful.

It only take a little common sense to be a knowledgeable traveler. I wouldn’t take every bite of information to the extreme, just be aware of your surroundings, and where you travel.”

Dave says:

“For “normal” travel, like the recent European warning “No” but when I do start thinking to odder places (like a trip to Mali), I’ll check with the British Foreign Office. I think the US’s is way too politically motivated.”

Dave says:

“Dina you’re right on the money.”

Do you agree of disagree? Leave your thoughts as a comment below…

4 thoughts on “Should You Listen to Government Travel Warnings?

  1. Roger Frommelt

    I agree with Jeremy Powers. I went the China during the so called SARS outbreak. I thought it would be a good time to go, given the odds of contacting anything and the unwarranted hysteria. I was right. I came back healthier than ever. I still pay attention to warnings, but use my own judgement as to whether they are credible.

  2. Pat Milligan

    The warnings were little too late on my very recent trip to Egypt and Jordan. I was in Egypt for the initial three days of the government meltdown, when my tour of Egypt ended on schedule. The warnings in that case were very appropriate, but a little late.

  3. Lynn N.

    I read them, then I put my shoes and coat ON, gather all my travel supplies, including nail clippers, a bottle of water, knitting needles, sharp knife, scissors, snow globe, hair spray, a thermos, some food and snacks, and a pillow and blanket. I load all my supplies into my camper, and drive off into the sunset, with lots of elbow and leg room. 🙂

  4. Jon Deniro

    Government travel warnings are nothing more than propaganda created to keep our citizens living in constant fear of non-existent bogeymen. This fear is then used to try to justify the blatant violations of our Constitutional rights. By definition, this is terrorism.

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