US Travelers Say, “Don’t Relax”.

Our recent survey showed just how the average American likes to spend their time on vacation – and they’re very busy indeed.

The poll revealed that exploring and sightseeing is what Americans love to do on vacation. 99% like to stay active taking up activities such as excursions and city breaks, leaving just 1% of respondents saying they like to relax on vacation. This could explain the fact that 57% of respondents got less sleep on their trip.

The survey also asked a series of questions probing in to American travelers vacation habits, including their preferred vacation destination and who they enjoy traveling with.

With lots to do, European breaks remain popular and over half of the respondents preferred a vacation to Europe, leaving the second most popular destination, Australia, with just 18%. With Europe offering so much it’s not surprising that 32% of people polled enjoyed spending over 2 weeks on vacation.

Vacations are enjoyed mainly with a partner, wider family or friends. 58% of respondents travel with their partner, while another 22% enjoy traveling in groups of family members or close friends.

US travelers have an unfortunate stereotype of seeking out the nearest McDonalds rather than enjoying the local food and drink. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A huge 97% of respondents sought out local cuisine, and locally produced wine and non-alcoholic drinks were also big winners when it came to a traveler’s drink of choice, with 41% and 38% respectively, shrugging off the American stereotype.

Vacations are changing. Over the last few years everyone has felt the financial squeeze, and travelers are no exception. So, unsurprisingly, 71% of people polled refuse to pay more for their next trip. Habits are changing too, especially when it comes to technology, 81% of respondents felt they needed access to the internet or an international cell phone whist on vacation.

Stephen Trenery, Editor in Chief, said of the findings: “This is just another example of how habits are changing. A vacation used to be about relaxing and spending time with loved ones, now people have the desire to see and do as much as possible, while getting value for money. I am, however, happy that US travelers are finally shaking off their European stereotype by sampling local cuisine”.

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