4 thoughts on “What luxury can you not travel without?

  1. mmae

    My small green pillow, it keeps my neck happy ! Also my Connameara marble worry stone, it’s my lucky talisman. Both of them stay in my carry on for safe keeping….

  2. oliver cagle

    Imoddiun,or Pepto Bismul.

  3. Monica

    The luxury I cannot travel without is my best buddy, Freddie, a 23-year-old light beige bear who has traveled the world with me. He now travels in my carry-on bag after almost losing him in Italy one year. After being delayed two days in New York because of weather and knowing I would miss part of my tour, I flew home, but my bags went to Milan. After a week of fearing I would lose Freddie, my bags were returned to me and Freddie survived the ordeal. He even learned to speak Italian that week!

  4. vc

    I can’t travel without my pillow. It has accompanied me all over the world and across the US. No pillow=no sleep, so it is an essential in my suitcase no matter the trip.

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