Labor Day Celebrating the One World Trade Center

Why Celebrate Labor Day

Labor Day, an America federal holiday observed on the first Monday is September, celebrates the American workforce and their achievements.

Who first proposed Labor Day is up for debate, whilst some say it was Matthew Maguire, others argue that it was Peter J. McGuire. One thing is for sure, that is was Oregon who first made it a holiday back in 1887. It wasn’t until 1894, and 30 states later, that it became a federal holiday.

To celebrate Labor Day, and the dedication of US workers, here’s a run down of some of the best constructions in America.


Labor Day Celebrating the Wren BuildingWren Building (Virginia) 1700

The oldest educational building in the US, the Wren Building suffered several fires and rebuildings. It still stands today, with a number of its original features, yet has been added to constantly over time. The Wren Building was supposed to be a complete quadrangle, but the War of Independence halted any further construction.



Labor Day Celebrating the Old State HouseThe Old State House (Boston) 1713

One of the oldest government buildings in the US, and the oldest surviving public building in Boston, it is now run as a history museum. Its primary function was as a seat of colony government between 1713 and 1776, and then was used as a seat of the state’s legislature until 1798.



Labor Day Celebrating the Capitol BuildingCapitol Building (Washington) 1793

President Washington laid the cornerstone in a ground breaking ceremony on September 1793. Construction was never easy, with others influencing and changing the original design. People came and went, but the construction went on with the Senate wing being completed in 1800 and the House wing in 1811. Even though construction was not completed, congress still held their first session in 1800.



Labor Day Celebrating the Metropolitan MuseumMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York) 1872

First completed in 1872, the building was not well received. The project, with its high Victorian Gothic style, was already deemed a mistake by the president of the Met. Within 20 years of its opening a new architectural plan was already being executed, and since that time a number of alterations and additions have been made.



All of these buildings were constructed before Labor Day became a federal holiday. The US workforce carried on producing some amazing buildings, and it’s our national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.



Labor Day Celebrating the Hoover DamHoover Dam (Nevada) 1935

The Dam, controversially named after President Herbert Hoover, was one of the most ambitious construction projects ever undertaken. This massive effort, involving thousands of workers, cost over one hundred lives during its construction time. So many workers, and their families, gathered for work here special camps had to be created.



Labor Day Celebrating the One World Trade CenterWorld Trade Center (New York) 1973

The Twin Towers, as they were known collectively, were the tallest buildings in the world. Certain constraints within the initial designs meant that the original plans of 80 storeys had to be increased to 110, and servicing these storeys were 95 express and local elevators.

Following events in 2001, were the World Trade Center was destroyed in a terrorist attack, new plans and constructions are well underway. The new One World Trade Center will be completed very shortly.



Labor Day Celebrating the Trump TowersTrump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago) 2008

Also known as Trump Towers, Donald Trump had big plans for his new development, and announced that it was to be the tallest building in the world. However later that year, after the terrorist attacks in 2001, major revisions and redesigns were implemented. Trump Towers, upon completion, was the eleventh tallest building in the world.


What’s your favorite US building?

These are just a few of the great constructions in America. Labor Day is about celebrating the entire US workforce. How are you celebrating it?


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