Wildlife on Vacation

We’re going to take a look at where you can go to watch the local wildlife at work, rest and play. From mainland Europe to the more remote parts of the world, like Antarctica, this guide will show you what you will see and where.



There is no other continent in the world where you can see the struggle and conflict that wildlife faces on daily and seasonal basis. Hippos, Cheetahs, Wildebeests all occupy this vast country, as well as the beautiful and mysterious Mountain Gorilla. Even though life for most is a struggle, Africa still hosts some of the biggest nature spectacles in the world.

There are a number of wildlife parks and nature reserves that offer accommodation and trips. Look out for lots of volunteer work on offer too!



If you’ve been fascinated by Penguins, Petrels and other seabirds, then Antarctica is the perfect place to see this amazing creatures. They all come to Antarctica each summer to breed, before leaving when winter descends. Only the Male Emperor Penguins remain, during the harsh winter weather, huddling together for warmth and keeping their eggs warm under the downy bulge of their stomachs.

Specialist cruises operate within Antarctica, offering trips in and around the Antarctic Peninsula.



Asia covers about 30% of the Earths land surface, providing habitat for an array of different animals including the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Indian Rhino and Clouded Leopard. The waters in and around Asia are also teeming with life, with plenty of coral reefs supporting fish and bigger mammals such dolphins.

There are plenty of wildlife parks and nature reserves that can accommodate you on your trip. Look out for lots of volunteer work on offer too!



Whether you’re in the more remote parts of the continent or the more populated, the varied wildlife in Europe has something for everyone. From the colder reaches of northern Europe where you can see a selection of Reindeer and Polar Bears to the warmer climate of the Mediterranean where the colonies of sea birds rule the seas and islands.

Due to Europe’s infrastructure, you’ll never have trouble finding accommodation and excursions to see the local wildlife.


North America

From Grizzly Bears to majestic Grey Whales, North America still holds plenty of natural wonders for everyone to see. The National Parks and National Reserves are some of the best places to see them and you can also head to the beach. Watch Elephant Seals battle at Piedras Blancas Beach in California or see Bald Eagles and other birds during the spring migration in the Klamath Basin.

Like Europe, accommodation is plentiful and finding excursions, or planning your own trip to one of the many National Parks/Reserves, is easy.


WildlifeSouth America

Known for being diverse and biologically rich when it comes to their wildlife, South America has a landscape for all types of animals. Travel to the Amazon rainforest to see the many different types of monkeys, spiders and insects, or take a trip to the remote and desolate South Georgia Island to view King Penguins and a plethora of different sea birds. Not your thing? Then try out one of the many National Parks.

There are plenty of wildlife parks and nature reserves that can accommodate you on your trip. Look out for lots of volunteer work on offer too!


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