Why Digital Art has to be a Part of Your Time in Japan!

Now I have never been a huge fan of art museums. I have always thought they were rather boring and not stimulating enough for me. So when I heard about a digital art museum a was rather sceptical. However, I never would have thought that it would be one of my Japan highlights!

Every room has a unique theme, the room you see in the image above is a weather room. Not quite how you would picture a weather room is it? There is a panel in the room that allows you to select from a range of weather conditions. Rain is what you see in the image above, which includes sounds and even lightning! This is all done using LED lights!

The waterfall room was yet another spectacle that the digital art museum had on offer! It was a shame it was so busy, as we would have loved to get a photo alone with the feature. However, it is busy for a reason, as it is one of the most beautiful room’s in the museum. Kids can enjoy sliding on this attraction, while adults can just marvel at how gorgeous it is!

My personal favourite had to be the lamp forest! There was a 30 minute wait to enter the forest, but boy are we glad we waited! This is the most traditional Japan style attraction and makes for the best photos! There’s something magical about wondering through a room filled with Japanese style lamps, you can’t help but feel immersed in the digital art!

This is truly a place for everyone! There is attractions like slides, trampolines and even a digital forest you can climb through that kids and even adults can enjoy! You will literally feel like you have entered another world, a digital one!

So make sure make the Digital Art Museum a must see on your Japan itinerary!

Details on how to find the museum can be found below!

This blog post was written by our intern visiting from Australia, Chris Border.
See what else he’s been getting up to during his time in Japan here.

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