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Satellite Phones

If you are traveling to areas where there is little or no cellular coverage, Mobal can supply you with a satellite phone that allows calls to be made and received anywhere in the world.

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Globalstar phone

Globalstar satellite phones provide coverage throughout the US & Canada with crystal clear call quality and a US phone number!

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Iridium phone

Iridium satellite phones provide rugged, reliable mobile communications from the only company that covers the entire globe.

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Inmarsat handheld satellite phones provide a clear, dependable voice service almost everywhere in the world.

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Which satellite phone is right for me?

Mobal Satellite Expert Stephen Clough says...

If you're unsure which Satellite service to choose, then it is important to know the differences. The first question I will ask you is, "Will you be using your phone for emergency purposes?" If the answer is, "Yes", then I would advise you to go with the Iridium handsets. If the answer is, "No", then we can consider going with the Inmarsat IsatPhonePro. If you live or work in remote areas of the US or Canada and need to make regular calls, then Globalstar is a great option for you with its totally unlimited US & Canada calling and US phone number. If you know which service your wish to purchase then click below. However if you're still unsure, check out my helpful guide here.

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