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Inmarsat Satellite Phones with Postpaid plan

IsatPhone 2

IsatPhone 2

IsatPhone 2

IsatPhone 2 is the newest addition to the Inmarsat satellite phone range. The handset has been designed to be both robust and feature heavy. The phone offers 8 hours of talk time battery life and 160 hours of standby and has a IP65 rating making it dust, splash and shock resistant. The phone has GPS tracking and an emergency assistance button. The phone has brand new Gorilla glass scratch-resistant transflective display that is readable even in bright sunlight.

This new handset offers high quality voice, text and email functionality in a new rugged design.

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What you get

  • IsatPhone 2 Handset
  • Multi-Voltage (110-240V) AC travel charger
  • International 4 plug kit
  • Wired Handsfree headset
  • 12/24V DC Vehicle Adapter
  • Wrist Strap
  • Micro USB cable
  • Battery
  • IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty booklet
  • Support USB Stick
  • Fast, Secure FedEx Delivery
  • Free 24-hour Technical Support
  • 12-Month Warranty - buy with confidence!


  • Dimensions: 169 mm (L) x 52 mm (W) x 36 mm (D) without Antenna
  • Dimensions: 169 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) x 36 mm (D) with Antenna
  • Weight: 318g (11.2 oz)
  • Standby time: Up to 160 hours
  • Talk time: Up to 8 hours
  • Water and dust ingress protection: IP65
  • Display: High visibility colour screen
  • Text-to-text: 160 characters, standard and predictive text
  • Text-to-email: 160 characters, incoming email - 160 characters
  • GPS location data: View position, send as text/email
  • Voice Services: Call History, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Divert, Call Holding, Conferencing, Call Barring, Speed Dialing, Fixed number dialing
  • Contact synchronization with MS Outlook 2007 (PC), O/S compatibility Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • Interfaces: Micro USB, Audio socket, Antenna port, Bluetooth 2.0
  • Languages Supported: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portugese, Russian, Spanish


  • GPS Tracking
  • Quick, easy registration to satellite network
  • Assistance Button
  • eCompass for enhanced pointing and connectivity
  • Alarm
  • Minute Minder
  • Microphone muting
  • Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
  • Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability (IP65, IK04)

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  • IsatPhone 2
  • IsatPhone 2
  • IsatPhone 2

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Inmarsat SIM Card

Inmarsat Satellite Postpaid SIM Card

Inmarsat Prepaid SIM

Our postpaid Inmarsat SIM Cards are a great option if you need a Mobal satellite phone on a regular basis or for an extended period of time. You can even sign up for month-to-month payments rather than committing to a term yearly agreement if you only need it for a couple of months at a time

A postpaid SIM means you do not need to be concerned about a prepaid account expiring or having a low balance.


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Choose your Inmarsat Postpaid Plan

Economy Plan Saver Plan Traveler Plan
Line Rental $49.95/month $75.00/month $150.00/month
Included Free Call Minutes 10 minutes* 40 minutes* 125 minutes*
Outgoing Calls $1.09 $0.95 $0.90
Inmarsat to Inmarsat Calls $1.49 $1.43 $1.35
Incoming Calls Free Free Free
Voicemail Service Included Included Included
Outgoing Text Messages $0.50 $0.45 $0.40
Minimum Contract None None None
Activation Fee FREE FREE FREE

If you will be using your phone on a temporary project or seasonaly, an Inmarsat Prepaid Voucher may be a better option for you.

*Standard calls to landline and cellular phones

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Your Phone: IsatPhone 2
Monthly Plan: Economy

Phone Cost: $979

Monthly Cost: $49.95

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Inmarsat Global Coverage

Inmarsats coverage around the globe.

The Inmarsat network which the IsatPhone 2 transmits on uses three geostationary satellites to provide voice and data communication services almost anywhere in the world(No coverage in the Polar Caps). Each satellite is equipped with a single global beam that covers up to one-third of the Earth's surface, I-4 Americas, I-4 EMEA, I-4 Asia-Pacific.

Because Inmarsat coverage extends from latitudes of -82° to 82° regardless of longitude, higher latitudes will have lower performance. Registration to the network requires a clear line of sight to the equator and may not be suitable for use in canyons or mountains.

The map below depicts the three I-4 satellite coverage regions.

Inmarsat Coverage

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not totally delighted with your Mobal World Phone for any reason, you can take advantage of our Money-Back Guarantee and return it for a full, prompt, no-hassle refund. * Excludes prepaid vouchers.

Inmarsat FAQ's

How does my location affect signal quality?

By definition, all satellite phones need to be operated in an open area away from buildings and trees so there is a clear line of sight to the sky. Since the satellites used for IsatPhone 2 service are in a geostationary position near the Equator you may have to direct the antenna in that direction. It follows that signal strength is reduced the farther away you are from the satellites orbit and middle distance obstructions such as mountain ranges are another factor to be considered. As long as you know where the satellites are positioned and your location relative to the satellite you should be able to determine whether or not you will have adequate signal strength to place and receive calls. For example: If you are in the 30o range, you should point the antenna straight up and your signal strength should be quite strong. If you are in the 20o range, you may get 2 bars but the service quality may be better if you pointed the antenna towards the satellite. Refer to the coverage map shown below and in the User Guide.

How long does a fully charged battery last?

The IsatPhone 2 battery will support up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 100 hours of standby time. It should be noted that battery life and power usage will be affected by temperature and location. Refer to the User Guide for details.

Can I use the IsatPhone 2 inside?

Regardless of what you may have seen on television or in the movies, unless you have an external antenna, all satellite phones, including the IsatPhone 2, MUST have a clear line of sight to the sky and cannot be used inside buildings.

Mobal Satellite Phone Customers Include: Our Customers

You'll get this amount of call credit added to your account every month. The credit never expires, so unlike our competitors' plans, you don't have to worry about expiring minutes or paying extra to make your minutes roll over to the next month.

Call credit can be used for text messages or data usage - as well as voice calls.


The Trekker plan costs $60 per month above our basic plan, which equates to 54 free minutes each month.

Free call credit doesn't expire, so you don't need to worry about it using it up before the end of your billing month.


The Pioneer plan costs $210 per month above our basic plan, which equates to 250 free minutes each month.

Free call credit doesn't expire, so you don't need to worry about it using it up before the end of your billing month.


You'll be charged this rate for calls after you've used up your included free minutes.

Excludes calls to non-Inmarsat satellite networks. These are charged at $10 per minute.


Unlike other providers, we don't charge a monthly fee for the Inmarsat voicemail service - it's included for free on all our plans.
Voicemail retrieval is charged at the same rate as a call to another Inmarsat phone.


This is the fee you'll be charged for all outgoing text messages that you make.

Incoming text messages are free!!


This is a one-off charge, which covers the activation of your satellite phone service.


Changes to Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 subscription costs:

Please be advised that Inmarsat is increasing their prices effective June 1, 2012. As a direct result Mobal will be amending our current IsatPhone 2 monthly subscription plans. All current customers will have their accounts migrated to the new rates corresponding to their current plan on June 1st.

The new IsatPhone 2 monthly subscription plans are:

Plan Line Rental Monthly Minutes Included Additional Minutes
Economy $49.95 10 Minutes $1.09
Saver $75.00 40 Minutes $0.99
Traveler $150.00 125 Minutes $0.95
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