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Emails with photo attachments


Apps/Games/Songs downloaded


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How much data does my smartphone use?

1 email (no attachment)
1 social media post with photo
1 email (with standard attachment)
1 min. of streaming video (standard)
2MB (120MB/hr)
1 min. of streaming music
1MB (30MB/hr)
1 min. of streaming video (HD)
5.1MB (306MB/hr)
1 web page
1 app/game/song downloaded
Note: Data usage varies by device. The above examples are based on averages and are estimates only. The actual amount of data used for the described activity can vary.
1MB = 1,024KB
1GB = 1,024MB

Learn more about cellular data

Cellular Data

Unlike calls, which are billed by their duration, cellular data is charged by the amount of data that is transferred over the cellular network, both to and from your phone/device. This data is charged to you in units of 1 kiloByte (kB). There are 1,024 kB in a MegaByte (MB).

As a very rough guide, the following table should give you some idea of the amount of data that may be transferred in the process of performing certain data-consuming activities. These are estimates only; actual amounts of data used may vary significantly.

Sending or receiving a text-only email

10 kB

Sending or receiving an email with an attachment (photo/Word/Excel/PowerPoint, etc.)

500 kB

Browsing a typical page on the Internet

400 kB

Streaming 1 minute of music

1 MB

Streaming 1 minute of video

2 MB

Downloading or uploading a social media post with a photo (to Facebook, etc)

350 kB

Making or receiving a 1-minute Voice over IP (VoIP) call (on Skype, for example)

500 kB

Please note:

All cellular data usage is chargeable. This includes, but is strictly not limited to, Web browsing, sending and receiving email, updating or viewing social media (such as Facebook/Twitter), watching videos (YouTube, etc.), downloading or listening to music, using VoIP calling services, downloading and using apps, and so on.


Using VoIP services (such as Skype and Google Voice), any form of “streaming” (audio or video) or “tethering” your device to a PC and so on is likely to incur very significant cellular data charges.

Applications (Apps)

Note that apps that are advertised as “free” are only free to purchase; they will still incur cellular data charges when they are downloaded. Note also that many apps may automatically use data in the background without your knowledge.

Background Data

Some devices may automatically transmit and receive data without any user action or knowledge. This may result in significant unexpected cellular data charges. Applications such as push email, news and weather updates, location services and many downloadable apps (even free ones) may do this. This list is not at all exhaustive; therefore, to avoid unexpected bills, we recommend that you take great care to disable automatic applications on your device.

If you wish to avoid such charges, it is your responsibility to ensure that your device is correctly configured. We cannot be held responsible for cellular data charges generated by your failure to control your device’s actions.

To avoid the chance of significant data costs we advise that you use a WiFi connection whenever one is available.

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