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Why rent when you can buy…?

Here at Mobal, we started renting international cell phones in 1989 – at this time, international phones were very expensive and difficult to get hold of. Rental was the perfect solution – it made getting a phone for your trip affordable and easy.

We love rental – our foundations are built on it. And, we still consider ourselves to be rental specialists. We used to recommend international cell phone rental to everyone, however, now that times have changed, we have changed our minds too…

We no longer rent international cell phones. Instead, we now strongly recommend that customers buy rather than rent. And here’s why…

From just $59 you can buy a phone, which works in over 190 countries. You can take it with you on every future trip abroad you may ever take. When you consider that $59 would not even cover your rental rates for a one week trip, you can easily see the savings you could make!

To check out our international cell phone options, simply click on “International Cell Phones” in the menu above to see which phone suits you best!

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