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Your favorite Travel Blogs and Travel Guides – Your Responses

In our March competition we asked our Mobal Newsletter, Twitter and Facebook Subscribers what their favorite Travel Guide or Blog was and why. Below we have included some of our favorite responses. Thank you to everyone who entered! Rick Steves “My favorite travel guide is RICK STEVES. He goes to places the main travel guides
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The Small Towns in Europe You Should Be Visiting

Paris, London, and Rome…Everyone is familiar with these big cities as premier destinations when travelling to Europe. And for good reason. They are full of history, tourist attractions, entertainment, and beautiful architecture. But not all of what Europe has to offer resides in big cities. Some of the best and most interesting locations lay outside
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The Most Photographic Landmarks in Europe

Europe is full of breathtaking architecture, vibrant cities, and interesting people. There are millions of travellers every year that find their way around Europe, taking in the sights. Whether they are off the beaten path or hitting the tourist trail, visitors want to see the best of what Europe has to offer. Landmarks have always
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IsatPhone 2 Firmware Update 01.05.00

The new IsatPhone 2 firmware update 01.05.00 is now available to download. Inmarsats’ official statement is: “This is a recommended firmware upgrade, meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are important but not critical for the GSPS service including the network and the IsatPhone 2 handset.” Installation Advice In order to upgrade the handset’s firmware
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Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Travel

If you have a smartphone, you have a powerful travel companion that fits right in your pocket. Even if you don’t normally use your phone for much more than a quick call, it’s worth downloading these great travel apps before your next vacation. These programs provide easy solutions to the most common travel problems and
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