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Category: Travel Talk

How to Pack for Holiday in a Carry-On

There’s one thing that is universal about traveling; airline fees.  They charge you for everything besides breathing these days.  No longer do you get free snacks and drinks on short flights, a free piece of luggage to check, and some airlines even charge you to pick your own seat! Going on holiday should be a
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Paris for the Weekend

Ah, Paris.  The city of love, fashion, and baguettes. Home to the most famous landmark in Europe and arguably the best museum in the world, Paris dazzles, even to those who would beg to differ.  If you haven’t been to Paris, then it’s time you find your way there.  This cosmopolitan city has something for
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The Best Train Rides in Europe

The European rail system is incredible.  It’s vast routing in all directions makes for perfect transportation between each country. The best train ride is up for debate, depending on your cup of tea.  But the one common denominator with all of these incredible train routes is the views.  Because Europe has such an extensive rail
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The Best Beaches in Europe

It’s the height of summer right now, leaving you plenty of time to still soak up the sun.  Warm water, tan skin, and careless days await you in the Mediterranean.  Europe is full of white sand beaches, tourists, locals, and the occasional dolphin popping up to say hi.  If you are daydreaming about visiting a
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The Best Wine Regions to Visit in Europe

There are so many places to visit in Europe, each having a unique landscape and something special to offer.  Along with famous landmarks, beautiful coastlines or mountain ranges, many european destinations are some of the best in the world for certain foods and beverages.  Wine has long been a strong tradition in many countries, dating
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