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Karaoke: Japan’s #1 Must-Do Activity

If you’re visiting Japan, you can’t leave without going to karaoke. Rumour has it they will even check at customs. They aren’t kidding when they say karaoke is an other-worldly experience unlike any other here… so what exactly makes it so great? Let me break it down for you. First, you get a private room. …

Why Mt Takao is Better Than Mt Fuji

Signpost at the bottom of Trail 1Signpost at the bottom of Trail 1

If your time in Tokyo is getting to you, the tall buildings, the sounds, the pace… visit the country. Forget a day trip to Mt Fuji 3776 metres tall and 2 hours away, it’s much cooler, closer younger sibling Mt Takao is welcoming you with open arms. We’ve got you covered on how to get …

Your Definitive Guide to Free Wi-Fi (on your smartphone) in Japan

SoftBank Dog

If you’re a tourist or a traveller, there are a few reasons why you might need a bit of Wi-Fi every now and then, on top of the data your Mobal SIM Card includes. Maybe you need to catch up on an episode of something, send a bunch of photos to your loved ones, or …

One Hour in a Tokyo Cat Café

If you’re a cat person like me, I bet you’ll struggle to adjust to the fact the stray cats on the streets of Japan are not safe to pet. Well, the good news is that the Japanese are a very considerate bunch and have got a whole lot of clean, healthy ones available for visits… in …

5 Reasons to Spend an Afternoon in Local Yoyogi Uehara

If you came to Tokyo to walk the walk and talk the talk of urban Japanese life, not just see the sights, the answer you’re searching for (and that I can’t recommend highly enough) is a local walking tour. Thanks to our friends at Ellista Tours, we were able to do just this in the quaint …

I Spent a Whole Day Visiting Tokyo Gardens… Here’s Why!

You know those 10 days of Autumn where all the leaves change into bright colours right before they fall off? Well Japan has a special name just for that season: koyo. Koyo falls around the end of November, and, every year on the 28th it’s Good Garden Day (somehow the numbers 11 and 28 in Japanese resemble …

Why Rugby Fans Should Travel To Japan For The World Cup

Tourists coming to Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup have a lot more to look forward to other than watching the exciting matches or seeing their favorite players. Japan is known as one of the world’s top destinations for several years now, and it offers a multitude of sites and attractions that should make …

Travel Tips For Tourists Of The Rugby World Cup in Japan

For about two weeks in 2019, Japan will play host to 20 of the best rugby teams in the world who will compete in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Rugby fans from all over the world are expected to start flying into the country days before the September 20 opening, and spend a portion of …

The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For Japan

To prepare for your upcoming Japan trip, you have to make a list of what things to pack so that you can enjoy a smooth-sailing and hassle-free journey from start to end. You have to do a lot of research in advance because you do not want to find out last minute that you have …

Get Prepared For Your First Encounter With A Modern Japanese Toilet

A lot of people who have been to Japan rave about its beautiful natural scenery, amazing ancient castles, temples, and shrines, great tasting food, and rich and fascinating culture. There are also some that have fallen in love with the very unique Japanese toilets that have taken the entire bathroom experience to a whole new …



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