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Top 12 reasons why you need a Mobal International SIM Card for your next vacation

1. The Mobal International SIM Card works in over 190 countries! The great thing about our World SIM is is that you can use it time and time again as the same SIM will work in multiple countries –  in over 190 if you want to be more precise! The SIM Card will also never
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The Best Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is synonymous with adventure. Home to the original bungy jump, the small lakeside town has proven time and time again just how extreme it really is. From the most insane bungy jumps, jet boats, and sky-diving, the adventure capital of New Zealand has everything. In addition to the adrenaline filled activities, it’s also home
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The Best U.S. Festivals to Experience Once in Your Life

Spring time means blooming flowers and the start of longer days and better weather. It also means festival season is under way. From March to October, you can catch a variety of music, art, dance, and community-driven events throughout the U.S. Some have become so popular; they sell out in mere minutes. Festivals are a
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Dramatic reduction to Cellular Data usage in Cuba with your Mobal Worldphone!

With travel to Cuba now once again possible, we’re delighted to announce a dramatic reduction to Cellular Data usage in Cuba with your Mobal Worldphone! Cellular Data usage in Cuba is now $4.99 per MegaByte (reduced from $21.99 per MegaByte). This reduced rate is already in place for you to enjoy. Few US cellphones work
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The Best Destinations for Spring Travel

Now that winter is finally thawing out the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, many come out of hibernation and are ready to book their spring and summer travel plans. While many are booking up the dates in summer, there are many dates before the tourist season starts that offer much more. Spring time
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Why the Mackenzie Region is New Zealand’s Best Kept Secret…But Not For Long!

New Zealand has become the hottest destination in the world in the last decade. Hailed as the best country in the world to visit by numerous UK tourism boards, NZ continues to draw crowds for many reasons. With its unbelievably dramatic landscapes, New Zealand proves to be heaven on earth. Used in many films including
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The Biggest Misconceptions About Traveling

Sometimes travel gets a bad rap. It’s usually from those who do not participate in this fun past time, but nonetheless, they are allowed to voice their opinions. I, however, can find about a million reasons why travel is the best experience to gift yourself. But there are many who still feel that travel is
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Why You Should Visit Dubai Once in Your Lifetime

Dubai is a Cinderella story; Once a tiny fishing and pearl-diving village, this behemoth metropolis is now the leading lady in the tourism world. With the tallest man-made structure in the world to world-class entertainment, dining, and shopping, there’s nothing that will stop the fierceness that is Dubai. Seemingly on the verge of the next
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What to Pack in Your Carry On

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying across the country or across a continent, there are definitely staples that should be in everyone’s carry on to ensure a nice and relaxing flight. I have found over the years of travel that the list below have become a savior of sorts, especially on long-haul flights. The best
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The Best Road Trip Locations in Scotland

Scotland is a traveler’s dream; that is, if you can manage to get some decent weather! But even in the blowing winds and rain, this country is pure beauty. Rolling green hills, misty mountains and bagpipes keep visitors coming back time and time again. There are so many hidden treasures in Scotland it’s hard to
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