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Going to Bali? Go to Ubud

Bali, Indonesia is a premiere destination for sand, sun and relaxation. With world-class resorts, spas and delicious food, Bali welcomes millions of visitors every year. Even though the island is small, to see everything it has to offer could take you years. With rich history, beautiful Hindu traditions, Bali sparks a light in any one
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The Top 5 National Parks in the U.S.

The United States has so many diverse geographical regions throughout the country, it’s hard to choose which one to visit. Some of the best destinations are not cities but parks-national parks that is. No other locations feature the diverse regions like those of national parks, and they do a wonderful job. Check out the list
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4 Types of Tourists You Don’t Want to Be

Tourism is important to just about every country, and the biggest way for countries to capitalise on visitors is to provide tours…for everything. You can take a tour of movie locations, wineries, on boats, in the air, on bikes, and just about every thing in between. Some of the best vacation experiences can come from
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Who wants FREE UNLIMITED Data for their next trip?

Of course you want Unlimited Data for your next trip, you wouldn’t be visiting the best communication website for international American travelers since 1985 if you didn’t! For your chance to get FREE Unlimited International Data and Texts plus extremely Low Call Rates for one month visit our official Twitter page – and simply
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Why Boise, Idaho Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Not many people know where Idaho is in the states, let alone know that Idaho is an actual state. And those who have heard about it, only knows one thing; potatoes. But Idaho is so much more than the main supplier of potatoes to the world. It’s a beautiful, rugged, untouched destination for the outdoor
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