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If you’re a Mobal customer, you’ve already changed the world. How? Well, ever since we first started out, we made a simple promise - that the majority of our profits would go to charity.

Today, our growing network of charity partners around the world are working hard to bring people in Malawi out of poverty and into a life of dignity and self-sufficiency, through providing opportunities for work and development, building schools and educational institutions, and making sure that basic needs like food and shelter are met.

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What We Give

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We believe in lasting change, not temporary solutions. That’s why one of our primary aims is to create sustainable jobs in the places that need them. That way, the whole local economy benefits from enterprise and development. We help to create self-sustaining businesses, which plant the seeds of growth that will bring employment and prosperity to entire communities. So far we’ve created many thousands of jobs in Malawi, and we’re just getting started!


Every child deserves a fair chance to flourish. This core belief is at the heart of our efforts around the world, and is the reason that we’re laying the groundwork needed for children to succeed - education. We’ve invested heavily in both Early Years and Further Education provision in Malawi, and we’ve already been able to provide help for tens of thousands of families there. Right now, we’re building state-of-the-art educational facilities, from elementary to university level in Chilomoni, so we can continue to support the next generation as they develop.

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Wherever they are in the world, children need to be fed. Our charity partners are making sure that kids get the food they need to not just survive, but thrive. In Malawi, we fund over 16,000 vital school meals for nursery & primary school children every day, plus supply sustainable stoves to families without access to a kitchen. This all helps to ensure that nobody misses out on a good education because of hunger, and everyone has the chance to learn and succeed.

How We Give

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We guarantee that the vast majority of our profits go towards helping to achieve our vision for the communities that we support in Malawi and beyond. With us, you know that your Mobal service is helping those that need it most every day.

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Trusted Partners All Over The World

These amazing organizations are the ones responsible for using the money generated by your SIM, eSIM or WiFi device to change the world! While their efforts all focus on Malawi, their good work doesn’t stop there, with their positive impact being felt from Tokyo to the UK.

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