How to Add a Contact to Your Samsung GT-E3210 Mobal World Phone

This is the final video in the Mobal World Phone Classic series, it demonstrates how to add a Contact to your Samsung GT-E3210.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jane from Mobal and today I’m going to show you how to add a new contact to the Samsung GT-E3210.

To add a contact, select contacts by using the right soft key.

If you have no existing contacts in your phone, select create by pressing the center of the navigation ring.

If you are adding an additional contact, your first contact will be highlighted.

In this case to add a new contact, press options using the left soft key and press create contact.

In this example we will add Mobal’s New York number

Ensuring that first name is selected, begin to enter the contacts first name using the handsets keypad.

Scroll down to last name on the navigation ring, add a last name if required.

Scroll down to mobile and enter the contacts cell phone number

We recommend to save phone numbers in your contacts with a plus at the beginning of the number as you will dial them this way when traveling.

So for this example the phone number would be input as +888 888 9162.

When done select save by pressing the center of the navigation ring, and that’s it your contact is now saved to your phone.

Thanks for watching this Mobal support video, check out the next video in the series soon.

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