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We’re Mobal, and this is our story.
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It all began on a construction site…
It was the end of the 80’s, and reliable communication was at a premium. The construction industry needed to be able to keep in contact, wherever they were - often in remote locations. That’s where Mobal came in - offering reliable (if a little bulky) handset rental that helped keep the industry moving.

construction site


From construction to vacation…
We soon realised that there was a much wider market for cell phones that would work anywhere - tourists! That’s when we started providing phones to travelers, eventually being able to offer the world-beating World Phone, giving globetrotters a single device that would keep them connected in over 190 countries.

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Expanding our horizons…
As our rental business expanded from its humble beginnings, it became clear that we needed a permanent base close to our growing American customer base, so we opened an office in the heart of Manhattan. We’ve since opened up locations in Japan and the UK, allowing us to keep our customers connected, anywhere in the world!

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When we say ‘anywhere’, we mean it…
Even the Mobal World Phone relies on cell phone signal, so how can you stay in communication in places where this isn’t an option? It’s that very question that led us to introduce Satellite Phones to our offering! Now, we can provide worldwide phone coverage to everything from arctic expeditions to African safaris.

satellite phone


Changing the world by traveling the world…
By the new millennium, business was booming, but we’re not the kind of company that operates for profit alone. When our chairman, Tony Smith, visited Malawi, he discovered the perfect place to start putting Mobal’s bottom line to work. Since he established Krizevac, the majority of Mobal’s profits have gone to empowering a once deprived area of the world through the creation of jobs, education and opportunity. Our growing network of charity partners means that you don’t just travel the world with Mobal… you make it a better place!

mobile phone


Keeping you connected, wherever you are…
From the day we began offering not just phones, but SIM cards too, we’ve been able to make sure that wherever you are in the world, you’ll have the ability to communicate easily in the palm of your hand. When we launched our Japan SIMs, we made it possible for thousands of foreigners living and traveling in Japan to access voice and data services, without the need to fill out complex Japanese forms or shell out hefty fees!

map of japan


Helping travelers from everywhere, go anywhere...
Today, we’re proud to be helping long and short term travelers stay connected, wherever they are on earth. Whether they’re moving to Japan and need a reliable SIM card with English language support, vacationing across the world with a phone that’ll work in over 190 countries, or traveling to the outer reaches of the globe where normal cell reception won’t cut it… we’re making it easy to stay in touch. Not to mention, we’ve helped more than 7,000 people find employment through education and enterprise, and we provide daily meals to more than 14,500 hungry children in Africa.

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