9,000 Reasons You Should Try GOMA Ice Cream

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, naturally my first recommendation for those in Tokyo involves dessert! This shop in Harajuku, Tokyo is a winning combination of my love of sweets and my love of black sesame. 

Gomaya Kuki – even the name sounds cookie’ish!

After reading online that Gomaya Kuki serves the richest black sesame ice cream in the world, I had to give it a try. I can confirm that this is some of the richest, and best ice cream I have had during my time in Japan. I had a scoop of the triple rich ice cream in both the black and white sesame flavors.  Apparently it takes 9,000 sesame seeds to create one scoop of this ice cream! Color me impressed!








Additionally, I can’t recommend wandering around the surrounding area enough. Harajuku is one of my favorite places in Tokyo!

See: http://gomayakuki.jp/

This blog post was written & test driven by Lindsay Hofen – Mobal intern in Tokyo for the summer of 2018.

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