Why Japan 2 GO is a Must Have App When Visiting Japan!


Japan 2 Go is an application targeted at making your life in Japan easier as a tourist! I am personally a tourist from Australia, and in my experience the initial few days of navigating your way through Japan can be tough! There are so many options as to where you can eat, sight see and shop! Japan 2 Go can help you with the simple things such as navigation, currency conversion, helpful Japanese phrases and even making bookings for transport to different cities!


Location Feature


The location function will show you a map of the area you are currently in which includes a comprehensive list of each restaurant, sightseeing locations, hotel, shopping centre and WiFi location. Instructions as to how to utilise this function can be found in the images below.



The location icon circled above is your personal navigator around Japan. By clicking on the category option, you will be able to select the type of locations you wish to see.


Currency Conversion


We all know how fast currency conversion rates can change! The major draw in factor that Japan 2 Go has is that you can find all the information a tourist will ever need in one place! Access Travelex, a globally trusted currency exchange company through your Japan 2 Go app! You will find more details about this function in the images below!



The icon circled above is the currency converter icon. Through clicking on this you will have access to a trustworthy currency conversion tool.


Japanese Phrasebook


To my surprise the phrasebook function that is provided in this app is thorough! You will find any phrase you will ever need to know all in one location! The layout is very easy to navigate through, so you will be able to find the phrase you need quickly as you need them! Refer to the images below!



The pink icon circled is your phrase book, as you can see there are many useful phrases. Shown above is the train category as an example.


Japanese Domestic Airline Bookings


If you are like me, you will think that the Japanese train system is all you will ever need to travel throughout Japan. However, whilst the train can get you pretty much anywhere, there are other travel options available that are even more affordable! Japan domestic flights are incredibly cheap, in fact you can travelling to any location in Japan for only ¥10,800! The Japan 2 Go app has a feature that allows you to easily make a booking and hop on your flight! This is the feature that I would recommend the most to any tourist, and you can find images explaining the function below!



The ANA icon is you access to cheap domestic flights.


Understandably, not all of us will make use of every function Japan 2 Go has to offer. Due to this, Japan 2 Go allows you to customise your application to you own preference! You can delete functions, so you only see the functions that are useful to you! The images below will show you how to do this.



By simply holding your finger on the icon until you see the ‘x’ you will enter the edit mode.


My Final Say!


Overall, Japan 2 Go is a very helpful application to any tourist visiting Japan, whether your trip be for holiday or business purposes. The app is designed to make your life easier and most of the features will do exactly that for you! There are some quirky features, but if you do not want these you can simply delete them from the app! If you are worried about having a hard time adjusting to Japan, this app will help you have a smooth transition into the Japanese lifestyle. So why not give the app a try and get the most out of your visit to Japan!!


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This blog post was written by our intern visiting from Australia, Chris Border.
See what else he’s been getting up to during his time in Japan here

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