Try Mobal: Product Review Required

Our new product review trial is now open to all press and media organizations.

We are looking at trusted press and media organizations, as well as respected bloggers, to review our products. For those wishing to review our products, we have two available options for you:

Mobal World Phone

Mobal Satellite Phone


Mobal World Phone

Allows people to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as businesses and other local services, while traveling. Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, a Mobal World Phone is your ultimate travel companion. There are other companies that offer this service, but rest assured none of them can offer the same reliability and call quality the Mobal World Phone can.

The main difference between the Mobal World Phone and other similar services is the way a call is made. Mobal offer a ‘direct dial’ service which means it’s exactly the same as making a phone call on the cell phone you use domestically. Other provider use a service called ‘call-back’ which relies on a third party to connect your calls.


Mobal Satellite Phone

Satellite Phones allow you to stay in touch anywhere in the world. They are used by a variety of people in areas where there is no cell phone coverage, or in areas with no, or damaged, telecommunications infrastructure. Climbers, hikers, hunters and walkers carry one in case of emergency, whilst Satellite Phones are also used by journalists, film makers and other businesses.


If you, or your organization, would like the chance to review one of our products for little or no cost, please email:

2 thoughts on “Try Mobal: Product Review Required

  1. Lawrence Cohen

    Basic Phone came within 3 business days. Exactly what we needed (a few week’s use in Europe every 1-2 years). Replaced a lost Mobal unit purchased in 2008. Wouldn’t even bother shopping on the internet for a different phone or service. The instructions for how to use, and a “US-type” number for the folks at home to use are both improvements. You folks are the industry standard! L. cohen

  2. Emmett Jacobson

    Ordered the WorldPhone. It was FedEx(ed) on Wednesday, March 05, and arrived on Thursday at about 10:00AM EST.
    This is my second phone. I enquired about a new phone using my old account and was delighted by the prompt responses
    to my emails. I then telephoned for the final affirmation, your associate said it would ship in a day, and it arrived the next day
    after that. Thank you for your prompt service

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