Share Mobal and Get ¥1,000! Save Cash While Making a Difference.


Konnichiwa! We’ve got some fantastic news for you. Introducing Mobal’s Refer A Friend program, which lets you save cash while you introduce your friends to us.  

For every friend you introduce to Mobal who activates their account, you and your pal will both receive a cool ¥1,000 account credit. And the best part? There’s no cap on the number of friends you can refer. You might just end up enjoying your Mobal service absolutely free!  

Here’s the lowdown on how it works. Once you become a proud Mobal customer, we’ll hook you up with a unique referral link. It’s like your secret weapon for unlocking amazing savings. All you need to do is share that link with your friends—whether it’s via email, social media, or your preferred messaging app. Just make sure they use that link to purchase their Mobal SIM or WiFi device. 


Earn ¥1,000 Account Credit

Now here’s where the magic happens. When your friend activates their Mobal account using your special link, you’ll automatically get ¥1,000 account credit. Cha-ching! We’ll apply that credit to your next bill. And guess what? Your friend will get the same sweet deal too—¥1,000 account credit for them. So, sit back, relax, and watch those credits stack up! 

We believe that when it comes to saving cash, there should be no limits. That’s why with Mobal’s referral program, there are absolutely NO limits to the number of friends you can refer. So, go ahead and unleash your inner social butterfly. Refer as many friends as your heart desires, and watch the account credit floodgates open. Before you know it, you’ll be basking in the glory of a free Mobal service. We’re talking about staying connected, without those pesky bills tagging along. Now, that’s what we call a win-win situation! 


Join the Mobal Family and Make a Difference

It’s not just about saving cash. At Mobal, we’re all about making a positive impact on the world. Every SIM plan you activate means more money going to the people who need it most, thanks to our incredible charity partners. By spreading the Mobal love, you’re not only saving cash but also contributing to some truly life-changing initiatives. It’s a community where every connection counts, and together, we’re creating a brighter future. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your referral game on and start sharing that unique link of yours. Let’s see how many friends you can bring into the Mobal family while stacking up those ¥1,000 account credits. Get ready to save some serious cash and make a difference with Mobal. Head into your Mobal MyAccount to find your referral link now! 

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