The Best Destinations for Spring Travel

Now that winter is finally thawing out the trees and flowers are starting to bloom, many come out of hibernation and are ready to book their spring and summer travel plans. While many are booking up the dates in summer, there are many dates before the tourist season starts that offer much more. Spring time travel has become one of the fastest growing travel seasons and for good reason. You miss the insane ballooning of populations in the summer, you get off-peak prices, and did I mention the less people? Spring time travel also is cheaper and easier to find dates. Who doesn’t love that? Here are some of the best destinations for spring time travel:


Japan has long been the front runner in spring travel. The famous cherry blossom tree is synonymous with Japanese culture and in the spring, these trees are in full bloom. Kyoto is the most popular destination for the cherry blossoms, but Tokyo and Osaka are also high on the list. If you are into photography, Japan in the spring is one of the most beautiful sights to be seen. Mt. Fuji is in full view most days and there are festivals celebrating the bloom of the cherry blossoms. Japan is also a good option to travel to for unique shopping, incredible food, and out-of-this-world, futuristic entertainment. Experience a silent disco or eating sushi off a person! The options are endless in Japan.


Portland, Oregon isn’t called the ‘City of Roses’ for nothing. This west coast town is known for its abundance of flower gardens, but nothing pails in comparison to its very own rose garden. Set a top the Northwest area, the view of the city’s skyline is worth the visit alone. People come from all around the world to see thousands of roses bloom. But Portland isn’t the only place to capture the beauty of spring. Woodinville holds their annual Tulip Festival where you can prance around in acres upon acres of colorful flowers. Besides the love of flowers, Oregon is a wonderful spring travel destination when the weather is warming up and the tourists haven’t found out that Portland is THE place to visit this year.


Another destination known for it’s flowers in the spring time; the Netherlands should definitely be at the top of your spring travel list. Incredible displays of flowers all around the country make this a picture perfect destination. Amsterdam also hosts Queen’s (or King’s) Day at the end of April every year to celebrate their majesty’s birthday. It’s a great time to party with the local Dutch and see a side of The Netherlands you might not know. Besides the parties and flowers, Holland has great weather! It’s easy to get around, the locals are nice and the tourists usually show up around June. Plenty of time for you to try and ride a bike in Amsterdam!

New Zealand

Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere means Autumn in the southern. And there’s no better place to see the changing on the colors down under than in New Zealand. Perfectly crisp mornings are followed by warm afternoons and clear skies, making it all the easier to gaze out at the magnificent mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, and rolling green hills. Some would say it’s straight out of a movie. And it is! A few famous ones to be exact. But New Zealand usually has great flight deals and the tourists are at their lowest in April and May.


I ventured to Croatia in May last year and I couldn’t have picked a better time to visit. Not only was it the most perfect weather to still swim in the beautiful waters, it wasn’t too busy. Everything was open and available and some tours and accommodation were even cheaper. I had one of my best trips to Croatia because I went in the spring. I had many long conversations with locals who actually had the time to chat and let me know how busy their summers were about to be. Dubrovnik is one of the most touristy places on the planet, and I was able to visit Old Town without waiting in any lines and without being shoulder-to-shoulder with other tourists.

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