6 Ways How to Make Museums Interesting

How to make museums interesting during your next visit.

There are generally two types of travelers in the world; those who choose to go to museums and those who get dragged to museums. If you fall into the latter category then here are 6 tips how to make museums more interesting, helping them become a bit more exciting:

(Just don’t get too bored you start talking loudly on your international cell phone in the middle of the museum, they don’t like that!)

1. Choose the right museum

In major cities there will be some big museums that are firmly on the tourist trail. And the general received wisdom is that these are the museums you need to visit and if you don’t then you’ve missed out on something. This may be true but if you’re not really interested in what the museum has to offer then have you really missed out? Instead, do some research and see what smaller museums are on offer. The chances are you may stumble across something that is far more interesting to you personally and so visiting there will be a much better use of your time.

2. Learn about the museum first

Another way how to make museums interesting is to walk around without any clear indication of what you’re looking it. A certain exhibit may have the most fascinating history but if you don’t know that then you’d just stroll past it like you have all the other exhibits. However, if you do a bit of research first you can find out what the important or interesting exhibits are, and so be much more interested once you do see them.

3. Don’t hurry

Some museums can be very large and overwhelming. This can quickly lead to museum fatigue if you try and do the whole lot in one go. Instead, take your time. If you feel you’re flagging but would like to see more then simply go take a break. Get a coffee; browse the gift shop; come back another day.

4. Join a tour

No matter what you think when you see a big group on an organized tour, the truth is they’re probably going to be learning more and be more interested in their museum trip compared to you wandering around not knowing what everything is. It could be time to swallow your pride and taking a small tour yourself. You might find you get more out of it than you thought.

5. Focus on the detail

Looking at everything from a broad perspective can easily lead to boredom as you just stroll past each exhibit. Instead, try and learn about and appreciate the details behind the exhibits you’re seeing. For example, with paintings learn about the different techniques employed by the artists and then get up close to the paintings to spot and compare these techniques in the flesh.

6. Take a momento

And I don’t mean lift a small item from the display cabinet that they’ll never miss, but instead visit the gift shop and get a book, or postcard, or poster or whatever of something from the museum that made an impression on you. It will give you a much more real and fonder memory of your trip to that museum than simply remembering walking around it for a few hours.

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