9 Fairytale Places to Visit

In today’s modern world, it can sometimes seem like every town and city is the same, with the same drab architecture and the same generic high street stores. This is why it’s good every once in a while to remind yourself that there are still place out there in the world that are like no other. Our Mobal World Phone customers highly recommend them.

Here’s 9 fairytale places that seem like they should be out of a story, rather than the modern world…

1. Colmar, France

Walking through the streets of Colmar it wouldn’t be out of the impossible to imagine seeing the gingerbread man running through the streets, or Jack off to find his beanstalk. This beautiful town was founded in the 9th century and was lucky to escape any destruction during the French Revolution, meaning today it’s a great surviving example of the French medieval style. It is in the Alsace region of north east France, and is considered the Capital of  Alasatian Wine.

2. Faroe Islands

With it’s dramatic, rugged and isolated geography, the Faroe Islands, located between the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea, look like some more out of the Lord of the Rings than modern Denmark, to which they belong. Indeed, the early history of the Faroe Islands is also shrouded in mystery, but believed to have been settled by Scottish monks back in the 6th century.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This castle is like something straight out of Disney, but was in fact the brainchild of Ludwig II, conceived as his hideaway from the world when he was in one of his reclusive moods. Although you would think he might have made it slightly more inconspicuous. Not only did Ludwig make it extravagant on the outside, he also installed all the latest 19th century mod cons, such as a heating system, running hot water and automatically flushing toilets.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is an area of central Turkey which has a landscape seeming sculpted by Salvador Dali out of clay. It’s other-worldliness is recognized in the name given to the natural rock pinnacles that dot the landscape; they’re called Fairy Chimneys, and over the centuries many house have been carved directly out of them. Due to the clay landscape, it has traditionally been the center of the Turkish ceramics industry.

5. Hoi An, Vietnam

This is a little fishing in Vietnam, popular with backpackers, that punches far about it’s weight, given that it’s been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has helped win this status thanks to it’s cultural history as an important point along the Spice Route, which brought it wealth. An extra dash of fairytale is added by the many traditional lanterns that are made and sold in the village.

6. Greenland

With hardly any buildings, roads or even people, Iceland is like a rugged wonderland from another age. And what houses there are have been painted in a riot of colours bringing a warm and unexpected splash against the natural wonders. And all this exists under the spectacular and almost magical Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

7. Venice, Italy

The locals call Venice La Serenissima; the Serene, and it’s easy to see why. Venice arises shimmering out of it’s lagoon like a fantasy jewelery box. It is truly like no other city on earth. However, the origins of Venice are not born out of the desire to create a beautiful place, but to build a city that could be safe from attack. They picked the hardest place to reach, a disease-infested, treacherous lagoon.

8. Kathmandu, Nepal

Despite being the largest city in the country, Kathmandu has managed to maintain it’s charm and mysticism as an exotic center of both pilgrimage and adventure. Over its 2000-year existence it has managed to combine a modern infrastructure, dotted with temples and palaces of a bygone age. Just the name Kathmandu can transport you to another place.

9. Bamboo Forest Japan

Bamboo forests go deeper within Japanese culture than simply being an area of greenery and beauty. In the Shinto religion it is considered a barrier to evil, and it often surrounds Shinto shrines. Walking around a bamboo forest one can be instantly transported to a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon place and time, complete oblivious of the modern world going on outside.

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