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Summer Getaways for Couples

Summer has a great way of getting us in high spirits. The sun is shining, longer days, and dreams of holiday fill your mind every other thought. Depending on your holiday requirements, there are several places that just ooze adventure and romance for couples. Check out the list below for some great options for summer getaways for couples:


The ultimate European getaway for couples, Italy mixes people’s favorite things; beauty and food. With a nice range of diverse regions, Italy packs a big punch when it comes to summer getaways. Tour the south of Italy and swim in the turquoise waters on the isle of Capri, take a wine tour in a 1,000-year-old castle and enjoy a wine-induced lunch on the veranda looking out over the Tuscan hills, or explore the best pizza in the world in Naples. With romantic canal-filled cities like Venice and cliff-hanging beauties like Cinque Terre, it’s no wonder couples flock to Italy in the summer for some vino, history and romance.


Another city full of history and food, Amsterdam dazzles couples in so many ways. With stunning canals, incredible museums, and a cracking nightlife, couples can enjoy a summer getaway to Amsterdam in style. Swanky underground clubs, impressive live theatre and unique entertainments allow Amsterdam to stand out above the crowd. It’s also a great place for couples to test their adventure skills when they rent a bicycle to tour the city!


Sand and sun anyone? Mexico is a fantastic summer getaway option for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest positives is that it’s cheap. All-inclusive hotels run rampant in Mexico and majority of them are four-star and include incredible food and drinks. Sun bathing, surfing, fishing and pure relaxation are the only items on the holiday list in Mexico. It’s a great place for couples to run off to and escape the regular 9-5.


Another land of sun and sand, Australia is one of the most incredible countries to explore with your significant other. Whether it’s surfing, hiking, snorkeling, wine tasting, concerts, street festivals or farmer’s markets, Australia really pulls out all the stops for its visitors. With famous landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Harbor and Uluru, Australia’s natural landscape is reason enough to getaway during the summer. The country’s also blanketed in sun all year round so if a tan is what you’re after, go ahead and book your ticket down under already.


Bali is for the couple that wants to fall in love all over again. A summer getaway to Bali will ensure that happens. Full of energy, life and incredible locals, Bali seems to attract love from all angles. Spirituality is a high priority for many who visit this tiny island, and spirituality is what you’ll get. Thousands fly to Bali for a bit of detox, yoga and mindfulness to end up falling in love with the country, its people and a simpler life. It’s a wonderful getaway for couples who want to mix relaxation with recreation.


Road trip anyone? Driving the west coast of California from San Diego to the Redwoods in Northern California is one of the best itineraries on earth. For those couples who want a little more adventure than lying on a beach and reading a book, road-tripping in Cali should be at the top of your list. Palm tree, fish tacos, impeccable sunsets, beautiful wine, unreal scenery and a thousand photos later, you’ll understand why California is such a popular summer destination.


If the outdoors is calling your name, Alaska will be the one place who’s inviting you over. Camping, fishing, hiking, rafting, and rock climbing are all valid reasons to go to Alaska-especially in the summer. Alaska is close to the North Pole which means summer days and nights are light. You can be fishing at midnight and not even realize it! Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. Go ocean fishing off the coast of Anchorage or hike up the Denali, the highest mountain in the U.S. Whatever you want for adventure, Alaska has it. Couples looking to soak in the fresh, mountain air will love Alaska’s simple lifestyle with epic views.

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