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Top Backpacker Experiences in Australia

Shark Cage Diving

Crave adrenaline induced adventures? Why not try a cage underwater…with sharks. South Australia’s coast is has plenty of marine life including the impressive Great White Shark. There are a variety of chartered boats to take you out, drop you in, and let you witness one of the most incredible sights on this planet! Get almost too close with these giants as they swim around you in their natural habitat. Tuna, whales, sea lions, and turtles can also be seen on the trip at various points. The best part is that all meals, equipment, and a free night stay at the local hostel are also included in the price on some tours. Tours leave from the seaside town of Port Lincoln and venture almost three hours out to the Neptune Islands. A popular summer spot, Port Lincoln has become a destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Sunsets at Ayers Rock

You can’t think of Australia without seeing visions of the Outback. That red dirt and blazing sun, kangaroos, and boomerangs all epitomise Australia to foreigners, but not nearly as much as “the big rock.” Backpackers have been venturing to the centre of Australia for years, all en route to view one of the world’s best examples of natural beauty. Ayers Rock (Uluru) has captivated sightseers with its mammoth size, unique geography, and presence. Capture it’s breathtaking beauty at sunrise and sunset, then camp out under the stars for a true Australian Outback experience. There are several tour operators and some hikes are even lead by aborigines. The tour itineraries are specifically designed to give you a fun and informative experience. Some guides even show you how to cook at the camp fire and how the Aboriginals hunted, and found food to survive in the desert. You also learn about bush medicine and its use to cure disease and ailments. The area is said to be the most sacred location in Australia, as it was once the land of the Aboriginal’s ancestors.

Byron Bay

Some places do not need an introduction. Byron Bay is one of those places. If you have been in Australia for more than five minutes, someone has mentioned Byron Bay. A haven for surfers, hippies, backpackers, and the free-spirited, Byron is on every traveler’s radar. It’s a beachfront spot where the days are long and waves are endless. No shoes are required in this laid back town and spending the day surfing, strumming the guitar, and making art is the norm. Byron has become the melting pot for the creative, and is consistently visited by all holiday goers. Because of its popularity, having a great time is not hard to come by. There’s a great night life scene, fantastic tours to alternative living villages and a hike up to the lighthouse provides stellar 360 degree views of the area and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale or two.

Camel Ride on Cable Beach

Paradise found! Cable Beach in North Western Australia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s turquoise waters, white sand, and limited visitors, makes this beach one of the most sought after holidays spots in the country. Located only 10 minutes from Broome, Cable Beach provides a rare experience; a camel ride along the beach. You can choose from a morning, pre-sunset, or sunset guided tour. Enjoy a nice ride on the white sand beach looking out over the Indian Ocean where dolphins are regularly seen at sunset! Cable Beach is easily accessible by car, or you can arrange a pick-up at the tour company’s office. Certain companies even give ladies a free pair of pearl earrings included in the purchase! If you’re in the mood to do something different and unique, a camel ride should be at the top of your list. The town of Broome is a favourite winter destination for Australians, as it is a gateway to untouched beaches and The Kimberley, one of the greatest regions of wilderness left in the world.

4WD on Fraser Island

Ever thought about doing a road trip on an island…with a 4WD? Fraser Island has you covered as it is home to the 4WD adventure. Grab a group of friends (the more, the cheaper), rent a 4WD and camping gear, and off you go! This adventure is an exclusive opportunity to explore Fraser Island, it’s beautiful beaches, landscapes, and wild Dingoes. Map out your own self-guided tour and be on your way to exploring lakes, trails, wildlife, and breathtaking views at your own pace. Photo opportunities are around every corner including the famous shipwreck of the SS Moreno in 1935. The island’s famous 75-mile beach is great for fishing and whale spotting. Camp out and revel in the beauty of the island and it’s remarkable scenery. This is an awesome experience for those who want to take advantage of one of Australia’s best destinations.

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