February’s 5 must know travel tips

All 5 of this month’s tips were provided by Mobal Member, Sally Williams
1. How to pack efficiently

Pack in threes: one on, one clean and one dirty.
2. A quick test to see if you’ve packed too much

A person can live for a month in a carry-on. Any one should be able to lift their suit case over their head and walk around a block or up stairs without using the wheels.
3. A short cut to washing clothes on the go

Wash your clothes while in the shower. A little foot stomping does wonders.
4. How to avoid looking like you’re carry anything worth stealing

In addition to no fanny packs, no vests with multiple pockets and no around-the-neck passport holders. (You can get pulled down with them and they are easy to snip. Same with back packs with loops ) Wear a waist money belt inside your clothing. Carry your sweater and water in a local plastic bag you buy or get at a local market. I sometimes carry an envelope with cash small amounts to use in markets or on the buses.
5. Who you should avoid opening your hotel door to

Don’t answer a hotel room door for a “policeman” plumber, etc. Call the desk to see if they sent someone.

If you have a travel tip to share, leave it in the comments below…

5 thoughts on “February’s 5 must know travel tips

  1. reefpirate

    I can’t tell if these tips are a joke, or not. You said pack in threes, if that is all you are packing, the bag should be light as a feather. You can live for a month in 3 outfits? Must not be a diverse climate. I stay in hostels in Central/South America. I wouldn’t wash my feet on the floor of the showers. I air-out dirty clothes and bring deodorant. I wouldn’t advise putting money in an envelope. People see money in an envelope, not how much. Envelope makes it seem important. You don’t know what other people are willing to do for a small sum of money. The local shopping bag is something that I practice myself. Here’s a real tip for answering the door. Don’t open it for anybody. Get a visual or verbal confirmation prior to opening the door, even if you are expecting a visitor.

  2. ben

    wrap a few turns of duct take around the hande of your small flashlight takes no space and is ready when you need it.

  3. Karen

    BUNK!!!!!!!! We have traveled all over the world since 2004. People love America and Americans. You were right in hesitating to ask this pathetic question. 46% of voters did NOT vote for this guy, and many who did have enormous regrets now that they see what he is all about. He is a socialist, has no idea what he is doing, has given rights to terrorists and taken them away from the unborn child, has appointed many tax evaders to his cabinet!!! and is a smooth talker. Can’t wait until it’s over.

  4. kathy

    I always pack a one inch wide roll of duct tape. We have repaired sandals, luggage and purse handles.

  5. Sharon Tom

    Thanks, also find it helps to seek “light” weight and clothing that wicks.

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