10 Crazy Airline Fees for 2011

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It seems that every time you book a flight those sneaky airlines have thought of an extra way to bump up the sticker price with extra fees. And the bad news is, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

Here are 11 airline fees that might become more common in 2011:

1. In person check-in fee

You thought those smiling faces behind the check-in desk were there to help you, but it seems they’re not. Rather it seems they’re their to drain more money from the airlines coffers in wages.

To compensate the airlines have decided that should you have to talk to one of these smiling helpful faces, you should at least be charged extra to cover the wear you’re causing on their uniforms.

2. Credit card booking fee

Not only is it becoming harder and harder to pay for your ticket in any other way, but airlines are increasingly hiking the prices to pay with the only option they give you; your credit card.

Your two choices for circumnavigating this is either to get an airline issued credit card, where they might waive fees for your loyalty, or to turn up at the airport on the day with a big ol’ bag o’ cash.

3. Online booking fee

Not only will you get charged to book with your credit card, but you might also have to pay for the privilege of booking online too, to cover administration costs. So the airlines are not only charging you to speak to a human to save on wages, but they’re also charging you for the only alternative they give you.

4. Checked bags by the pound fee

Normally you pay to check your bags to a certain weight. Over that weight and you pay an extra penalty on top. Seems fair enough.

However, plans are a foot to instead charge an increasing amount against a weight scale, forcing you to think very carefully about exactly how much you want to bring.

5. Carry-on baggage fee

Though you could dodge the checked in bag fee by cleverly packing everything as hand luggage. Well sorry, but you might not be safe after all. Airlines have started experimenting with charging you if your carry-on bag does not fit under the chair in front of you.

Perhaps wearing all your clothes at once and just packing a toothbrush and a slim volume of poetry in a paper bag is the answer.

6. Mileage surcharge fee

The argument for increased fees from the airlines has been the increased cost of fuel. With this being the case it is suggested that airlines may charge extra for baggage on longer trips, as it is the weight of carrying that baggage further that is costing them money.

7. Price drop refund fee

It has been possible in the past to claim a free refund if the price of your ticket drops from the time that you purchase it. However, now airlines are getting wise to this and charging a fee for claiming your price drop refund.

Now you have to make sure the size of your refund is worth paying the fee to claim it.

8. Child on lap fees

Traditionally parents who’ve carried young children on their knees unrestrained have been able to do so for free.

While the National Air Safety Board investigate if this can continue from a safety standpoint, airlines are making the most of it by charging an extra fee for having a child on your lap.

9. Fair lock-in fee

You’re looking for flights and you suddenly see a great price. Do you experience the dilemma of whether you should go for it there and then, or wait to see if you can find a better price closer to the time?

Now airlines are starting to let you hold a ticket price, for a small fee, in case you’re not ready to purchase the ticket but want to lock in that original price.

10. Pay to pee fee

Perhaps the most controversial of fees ever mentioned has been Ryanair’s pay to pee fee. Need to spend a penny on the plane, while you’ll literally have to spend a penny to do so.

In reality this fee has not yet been implemented, and was perhaps just a publicity stun from Ryanair, but then stranger things have happened…

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Do you welcome these fees, or do they make you scream in anger? Leave your comments below…

4 thoughts on “10 Crazy Airline Fees for 2011

  1. J Dubya

    More weight does mean more fuel burned, but another reason that airlines want you to leave your luggage at home, is that they can use the space you vacated to haul more paying cargo. In at least one case, the additional cargo started a fire, causing the plane to crash, and all aboard to perish.
    Not sure if it applies to airline potties, but pay toilets were banned by law many years ago in the United States.

  2. kate

    Youre their prisoner b/c if you stop flying in protest then they will have excuses to raise fees again – even higher.

  3. GWPaoletti

    Screaming outloud with this retort…..what’s next—a fee to save my life first if the plane crashes???

  4. Richard Taub

    American Airlines charged us a change fee and additional charge for the price of the new ticket. They cancelled the flight, put us on the old one and kept all the money.

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