October’s Must Know Travel Tips

Mobal Member, Marjorie sent me these 3 tips:

1. How To Guard Against Catching A Cold When Traveling

Carry Zicam, either the nose gel or the spray and use it anytime you’re around anyone who even sneezes, or anytime you feel the slightest tingling in your nose or throat. It clears up any sign of a cold immediately. I like it a lot better than Airborne. I also carry some echinacea or vitamin C, although I buy those along the way as well.

2. How To Ignore Your Snoring Husband On The Plane

I rely a lot on earplugs, especially if my hotel room is facing the street. They’re great on the plane and for snoring husbands as well:)

3. How To Deal With Jetlag Before And After Your Trip

OK – one more tip, this time about jet lag. I ignore it by setting my watch to my arrival country’s time immediately on board the plane. I sleep as much as I can on the plane, and when I’m at my destination I check into my hotel and just go. I go as long as I can, even if it’s only until 6 or 7 in the evening, and then go to sleep. Usually I’ve managed a full day of activity. When I come home I don’t really care that much about jet lag because I take a couple of days extra off from work – I LOVE that travel tip – to relax, unpack, get groceries, etc.


Mobal Member, Greg Kempson sent me this tip:

4. Why You Should Avoid That Relaxing Glass Of Wine On The Plane


I love wine and enjoy drinking it at appropriate opportunities. But this one travel tip is THE BEST tip anyone ever gave me, and it is 100% true. No matter what, never, never, drink alcohol on an airplane flight over a few hours and never ever drink if you need to feel vibrant — even after a short flight. I used to have just a glass or two with dinner on overseas flights in business or first class, and always felt tired when I deplaned. When I stopped drinking, even one drop, I felt 100% better. That is the number one travel tip from someone who flies hundreds of thousands of miles per year… And it works… Save that glass for after the flight and enjoy it even more!


Greg Kempson

Mobal Member, John Laborn sent me this tip:

5. How To Beat The High Prices Of Soft Drinks In Europe

I know that it is a sin not to be a wine or beer drinker while in Europe however I am not and I have endured the outrageous cost of soft drinks in restaurants for years often just refusing to buy them. On my last trip I took along a supply of “Crystal Light” in the small, slim packages. Now I order mineral water with gas and enjoy a variety of flavors without the high cost. It took some experimenting but I finally decided that it is best when the water is poured into a glass and then add the CL.

John Laborn

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