September 5 Must Know Travel Tips

1. How Making A Travel Scrapbook Will Save You Lots Of Time And Worry

I make a notebook containing the confirmation receipts for all flights, parking lots, rental cars, reservations, etc., as well as maps to my destinations (ie. how to get to Sea World from the Orlando airport). This keeps everything together in one travel book and saves lots of misplaced confirmations and wrong turns.

2. One Simple Item That You Should Never Leave To Chance When Traveling

When traveling in China (or anywhere abroad) be sure to take your own supply of toilet paper that you can carry in your daybag. Travel packs can be found in the sample section of Target or Walmart. You can’t assume that you will find toilet paper when you need it!

Nancy Cook

3. Why You Should Always Inform Your Credit Card Company You’re Traveling Abroad

Do not forget to inform your credit card co. about travel. My credit card was refused in Chile, because I did not inform them of my travel plans.

Jon Anthony

4. Travel With A Laptop? Cut Down The Amount Of Internet Usage You Pay For When Sending Emails

I like to take my small laptop to use on the ship. It saves a lot to be able to read mail and compose emails off line and use the paid time more efficiently. I bought a refurbished Dell business laptop that is very light and great for travel.

Donna J. Douglass

5. How To Best Organize Your Travel Medication

I have one more. The zip lock bags another person mentioned are very useful. The “snack” size are perfect for packing daily pills in. Each bag can be dated or name by the day of the week and the daily pills needed placed in each one. No more guess work or trying to remember if a pill has been taken or not.

Maitland Zendergraf

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