9 thoughts on “What are your favorite movies to get you in the mood for travel?

  1. Bill Garofalo

    FRENCH KISS, is one of my all-time favorite travel preps.

  2. Pattie Meehan

    Who can watch “Room with a View” and not want to go back to Tuscany? Not me.

  3. Doris Patton

    The movie ‘Letters to Juliett” makes me want to return to Italy.

  4. Tina J. Gordon

    Mamma Mia-how can you resist the scenery?????
    Stealing Beauty–lovely story set in Tuscany

  5. bree

    Ones that incorporate Greece and Grecian beaches, definitely. Also, Hawaiian ones.

  6. Mardav

    Nobody will ever top the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby (or is it Bing Crosby/Bob Hope) “On the Road to….” Movies.

  7. Loretta L

    Southern France/Provence–“A Good Year” (Russell Crowe in a role different from others, but still directed by Ridley Scott)
    Tuscany–“Under the Tuscan Sun”, also the recently-released “Letters from Juliet” (great for Verona as well as Tuscany)
    Greece–“My Life In Ruins”, “Mamma Mia” (even a few shots of the scenery and ruins are enough for me).
    Not only do all these movies feature great glimpses of the regions they represent, you always leave you with a smile on your face.

  8. Kathie C.

    We watch the four-part “A Year in Provence” before we travel to southern France (every six years or so). It always gets us in the right frame of mind!

  9. Roberta H.

    “Leap Year” brought back wonderful memories of Ireland and made me eager to return!

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