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Ray Schwartz

I have traveled extensively throughout the world for over 25 years and have flown over 3 million air miles.

I must say that the purchase of your Mobal World Phone has been the biggest improvement in my travels, ever.

Not only the security of having available communication in case of emergency, not only the convenience of using one phone number wherever I go, not only the elimination of having to tell my friends and family what hotel, what phone number, then try to be in the room at certain times to receive their call, usually missing most of them, etc.

All at a very reasonable cost and no contract.

Even when I am on a tour, I put into phone memory the tour director's cell number as well as the hotel number and so can wander off on my own without worry.

The only regrets I have is not buying it sooner. I saw the Mobal ad in an airline magazine ON THE WAY HOME from a month-long trip to China and Tibet. I surely could have used it on that trip !!

Also, Mobal is one of the few companies that I call where a live person answers the call and answers my questions every time ! I have told all of my travelling friends about it.

Best Regards,

Ray Schwartz Memphis, Tennessee

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Linda Garrison

I love gadgets, but I never thought having a phone overseas was a necessity.

However, the Mobal GSM World Phone changed my mind.

I have used it on European cruise vacations and plan to carry it with me every time I go overseas.

It was very useful for checking in with friends and family back home, but I also used the phone to call for reservations, check with the airline when we missed a flight connection, and as a security blanket when touring.

And family knew I was just a phone call away.

Linda Garrison

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Angus Fraser

I travel extensively and was looking for a mobile phone that would work in most countries. I did extensive research on the various ways of obtaining cost effective, convenient international phone service.

With no monthly fees and virtually world wide coverage Mobal was the best option.

After using it in several countries as well as at home in Canada, I am very satisfied with the service. I also like the online account statement for tracking my charges.

Angus Fraser

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Ronald Henderson

I work for the Boeing Company and as such travel internationally and do project management on DOD Test Ranges where the Mobal World Phone is essential to success.

Ronald Henderson

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Walter Housen

We just completed a hiking trip in Ireland.

On a remote headland, we posed with the Mobal World Phone which was invaluable as it enabled us to check voice mails and receive communications even in these isolated locations.

Walter Housen

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Janis Johnson

For my 10-day trip to Paris I settled for simplicity -- a $49 Mobal World Phone.

Mobal's website was the easiest to navigate and its rates the simplest -- in France, a single rate of $1.25-1.50 a minute incoming and outgoing.

That beat even a weekly rental at $2.99 per day plus $1.49 a minute that I paid last year to rent a cell phone from Verizon for the Caribbean.

Janis Johnson

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Mike Rowson

My Mobal World Phone was a great peace of mind for our trip to Italy.

I was able to call my parents on their 60th anniversary as well as my father on Father's Day.

Additionally we were traveling with four other couples and the phones made it very easy for us to reconnect while in larger cities.

Thank you for your assistance.


Mike Rowson

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Judi Morrison

It's been a pleasure dealing with you folks...

actually the best service I've experienced in a long while!

Kind regards,

Judi Morrison

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Jamie Wolf

My Mobal World Phones are great!

We used them in Italy and had excellent reception. Even when calling the states, the sound was crystal clear.

Jamie Wolf

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Jason Tu

As a regular vacationer across the continents, the Mobal World Phone is indispensable to me for my personal needs and business.

As a CDMA user from Verizon, I had to rent a phone and paid $4 a day and $2 roaming charge to be able to communicate with my key contacts. After investigating and reading the recommendations from the leading magazines and web reviews, I decide to go for Mobal.

Not only it is economical, it also brings a lot of convenience to me. I do not have to buy a sim card and worry about the unused minutes waste. I also saved the rental fees because I own the phone instead of wasting money on my rental.

I highly recommend this service.

Jason Tu, Los Altos, CA, USA

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Yvette Cardozo

At any rate, we wanted to let you know how incredibly well the Mobal World Phone worked.

We thought we might get a weak signal in Nairobi. Not only were we connected in Nairobi, we had a signal in the middle of every game park we visited. Imagine how freaked out friends were when we casually phoned and said, "Yeah, well we're in the middle of Maasai Mara surrounded by giraffes and wildebeast."

More to the point, we wound up having to make critical phone calls to London in the middle of all this. We couldn't connect thru the internet but the Mobal World Phone worked just fine.

Without it, we would not have been able to make crucial connections on an extremely important matter.

Yvette Cardozo

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Andy Meginniss

Thank you so much for your your great service!

I will continue to recommend the Mobal World Phone to my friends traveling internationally.

Thanks again,

Andy Meginniss

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Raul Gabriel

Thanks for your prompt customer service, much appreciated.

Raul Gabriel

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Laurie Judd

I congratulate you on your service and products.

We have been extremely pleased with the way the Mobal World Phones have worked out for us and it has saved us a fair amount of money over the rental program we used to use.

Laurie Judd

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Ruth Lor Malloy

The Mobal World Phone was great in the Azores my first stop. I suddenly had to apply for a convention in a hurry, and I took the opportunity to call my husband in Toronto a couple of times. The audio was clear, just like at home.

In the U.K.'s Channel Island, fog delayed us and we had to cancel one appointment and book hotels while on a phoneless ferry.

We made one call on it to our friends in Finland.

In China, the Mobal World Phone was handy for communicating from taxis when stuck in traffic jams or contacting a restaurant to give the driver an address in Chinese. It was also great not having to dash downstairs in cheap provincial hotels to pay a deposit to make one local call.

In Mongolia, I compared Mobal's service with that of our guide and fellow travelers. We could connect within a kilometre of towns as small and remote as Moron near the Siberian border.

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is the remotest place in the world. It only has a population of a couple thousand and is a tiny 173 square kilometres. It is at least 1900 kilometres from other human settlements and 3700 kilometres from Chile of which it is a part. It is so remote that Mobal doesn't have it on its web map. I didn't know if its phone would work there.

We did manage to connect with Toronto from there.

I have even used my Mobal World Phone in the U.S. and at home in Canada. I don't chat much on a mobile and I don't want to keep putting money every month into a pay-as-you-go phone I hardly use. I can keep the same telephone number without charge too, even when I don't use it for months.

Ruth Lor Malloy

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Tracy L Buck

We have our own business and keeping in touch with our Mobal World Phone is very important.

Have a great day.

Tracy L Buck

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Michael Neustadt

I used my new Mobal World Phone on a two week trip to six countries in Europe.

It worked perfectly everywhere and was well worth the price even for this one trip.

Michael Neustadt

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Steve Lubetkin

I recently spent a week in the Philippines and I made a valuable investment in a Mobal World Phone. I decided to order my Mobal World Phone after talking to a colleague who had one travel to Croatia a few years ago.

It is nice to know that you can call your family when you are away from a landline telephone. In my case, a minor medical issue led to a last minute travel change, so I took good advantage of my Mobal World Phone to stay in touch and keep worried family posted about my status.

Steve Lubetkin

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Bill Voelkel

Our Mobal World Phone worked extremely well in the Mediterranean and Tunisia.

No problems getting connected, use was strictly for keeping in touch with elderly parents and our children. Connections were clear and no dropped signals.

Looking forward to using it as we travel to China in March.

Bill Voelkel

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Angie Summers

I got my Mobal World Phone for a business trip to Australia.

I thought I was going to be traveling alone in rural Australia in a rental car and was not comfortable doing so without some connection to civilization. I was expecting my Mobal World Phone to be my lifeline in case of emergency. Luckily, there were no emergencies. However, as it turned out, 3 other business travelers ended up on the road trip with me, which was great.

We used my Mobal World Phone to quickly get directions to the businesses we were scheduled to visit and it saved us a lot of time as we didn't have to drive around 'lost'.

I have since used it for many vacations in Mexico.

It's easy to use as there is no frustration as with trying to use a calling card from a hotel room, so the connection to 'home' is always available.

The peace of mind it provides is priceless.

Thanks for a great product...

Angie Summers

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Bob and Marylynn Hobbs

Marylynn and I really had a wonderful Anniversary Trip. We visited Tahiti, Australia, and New Zealand. Having our Mobal World Phone active in every location really enhanced our enjoyment.

I recommend Mobal Communications for any traveller.

Bob (and Marylynn) Hobbs

PS: The attached pic shows Marylynn at Faaa Airport in Tahiti talking with her daughter.

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William Greiner

I have had my Mobal World Phone for a few years now. We visit England often and it is nice to have a phone that all my friends and family know the number so we can stay in touch.

Last Summer we were in England during Wimbledon tennis tournament. Its the only major sporting event in the world that sells a large block of tkts each day of the event. My friends told me to get out there early, which I did, but the line looked to snake for a mile or more thru a park and field.

I had waited in line about 15 mins and i was getting discouraged because I hate lines and waiting in them. I was thinking I would rather miss the tennis than wait in line.

Before I decided to walk out, I called my friends on my Mobal World Phone and they pleaded that I wait, so I did. Sure enough , when the line started to move, it moved quickly, and I got to the ticket both. Since I was alone, I was able to purchase a center court, FIRST row seat and the match I got to see included Roger Federer - probably the greatest tennis player of all time. If that weren't enough, as I walked thru the turnstall to enter the grounds, I ran into my friends who did have tkts. We went an had a fantastic meal before I entered center court.

I think it is safe to say, had I not had my Mobal World Phone and used it that day, I would have missed Wimbledon, a great meal, good friends and a chance to see the greatest tennis player of all times!!!

William Greiner

P.S. I am a photographer and I made this image from my seat!

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Don and Nancy Hamilton


We purchased our Mobal World Phone at the end of 2005. We first used it to call the U.S from Ethiopia. And it worked beautifully!

Even though Ethiopia was listed as a country with coverage, I just could not believe that it would actually work there. We called our daughter (and families) in Montana and in Wisconsin. I called United Airlines in the U.S. to work out a flight schedule problem. It all worked.

Later we used the phone in the Dominican Republic, made calls from a river boat on the Danube River, and used it a number of times as we traveled in the U.S.

We have now been living in France for nearly 6 months. The phone works quickly and perfectly. I used it just yesterday, in fact. We have not used it a lot here, for we have a phone in our apartment. However, we have been very pleased to have it to use when needed.

We usually carry it with us when we are out and about so that we have it for emergencies or for convenience. This has turned out to be a number of times. Oh yes, we also made a call to Paris from London a couple of times. Again, no problem.

We would recommend the Mobal World Phone to anyone who travels abroad. We also like the fact that we have the same number worldwide.

Thanks for providing the service.

Don and Nancy Hamilton Red Lodge, Montana

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Ryan Klein

In September I took my long-time girlfriend, Lillian, on a secret trip to Europe. First to London and then to Rome.

I had my Mobal World Phone throughout my duration in London but kept it hidden and out of sight. We did the typical touristy things that one does in London. Go on the tube, visit the west-end, have pint, walk tower bridge, walk down the Thames.

But it wasn't until Rome when I needed your phone.

On our third evening in Rome, I took Lillian to the Trevi Fountain and began to explain the throwing the coin into the fountain tradition.

I handed her one coin and said to throw it in the fountain so that some day you will return to Rome. She did so, posed for a picture and returned.

I then handed her a second coin saying that this coin was to find your true love. Her response was that she didn't need the second coin and refused to throw it. After a few moments of encouragement she finally threw in the second coin and posed for yet another picture.

When it came to the third coin (which is to find your true love in Rome) instead of a coin was a ring. Of course she said Yes! After hugging, crying, kissing, and the crowd around us clapping, we returned to our hotel.

On the journey I surprised her with my Mobal World Phone so that she could call everyone in her family to tell them the good news.

Thank you for providing a great product!

Ryan Klein, Overland Park, KS

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Bert and Amy Tomon

My daughter, a US Peace Corp volunteer was stationed in Senegal, West Africa for two years in a distant remote village (Diadiem III) without water or electricity.

But she had her Mobal World Phone to connect with her with the use of an old car battery for power.

Yep, she even used it in the Sahara desert.

After her service, we met in Rome, Italy. The Mobal World Phones proved valuable in timely connecting. Then we used them on our cruise on the way back visiting many countries in the Mediterrean and Africa.

Bert and Amy Tomon

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Frank Gigante

We recently completed a 3 week trip to Europe to include stops in Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Greece.

Our 18-year old son's plan was to backpack Italy with his cousin during the first 12 days of our vacation so my one concern was being able to keep in contact with him.

Naturally, our cell phones we have in the States wouldn't work in Europe so I began exploring options including changing cell phone providers here that would allow use in Europe and possibly renting phones once we arrived in Europe.

I came across information for the Mobal World deal out there...we ended up buying 2 phones, one for us, one for our son that would enable us to check in with each other every few days.

In addition, we were able to use the Mobal World Phone to contact hotels, make reservations, etc. If we hadn't purchased these phones, our trip to Europe would not have gone as smooth as it did.

Hats off to Mobal!!

Frank Gigante

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Jackie Kahle

I used my Mobal World Phone for the first time on a recent business trip to France.

At one point, we were in a hotel conference room which had a speaker phone which we had planned to use to dial-in to a business meeting.

Several of us (all Americans) tried to access the conference number, but we couldn't figure out how to get a long-distance outside line. Figuring we were just naive Americans, we enlisted help from a hotel employee.

Well, he couldn't figure it out either, so he went off and came back with two technicians - both of them tried several different dialing combinations, to no avail!

By now our conference had started and others would be wondering where we were (since we were running the meeting!), so I simply dialed in with my Mobal World Phone - no trouble, accessed it right away.

I kept talking on my Mobal World Phone until *finally* a hotel manager figured out how to use the land line.

Talk about simple!

Jackie Kahle

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Steve Gordon

While traveling around the world on a recent project including Australia, China, Singapore, Germany, England, Mexico, Chili, Argentina, and Brazil, I was accompanied by a production crew who opted to secure an international phone from their US based cellular company (that begins with the letter C).

While they continued to be plagued with no service, accounts being deactivated due to charges from international locations, and deactivated due to non payment, even though auto payment had been set up, I continued to enjoy clear connections and full service 24/7 wherever I was with my Mobal World Phone.

I chuckled as they recanted the horror stories and heated discussions they were having with their carrier over getting their service turned back on and the constant troubles they were experiencing.

Finally in Argentina on the way to the airport, there were critical calls that needed to be made however, their phones had no service.

I was making my calls with no problems so they asked if they could borrow my Mobal World Phone to make their calls.

Well two hours later I got my phone back and they got their critical calls made.

Had it not been for Mobal, I would not have had such an enjoyable trip.

Thanks Mobal!

Steve Gordon

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Alison and Phil Spare

We have owned a Mobal World Phone for several years and find it helpful when we travel to Italy - especially in Florence where you can not hail a cab from the street - rather you need to call the cab company to secure a taxi ride.

However, last year while in Florence we found the true value of having access to our Mobal World Phone.

My husband Phil is an avid fly fisherman and while planning our week stay in Florence, he found a fly fishing guide over the Internet. Phil made arrangements over the Internet with Marco to meet at the Florence train station and Marco would then drive them about 2 hours west of Florence to the headwaters of the Tiber River for a day of guided fishing.

I enjoyed a wonderful day of shopping while Phil and Marco were fishing. I was looking forward to a late romantic dinner with my husband that evening, when I received a call on our Mobal World Phone around 6:00 p.m. from Phil.

What I learned was that Marco had lost the keys to his car somewhere along the Tiber River. At this point, it was dark, my husband was hours away, in a foreign country, wet (it started to rain), cold (all their rain gear was locked in the car), without transportation, and with a fellow who spoke little English that he met over the Internet.

To make matters worse, this stranger not only had my husband and his passport, but also access to a set of keys to our apartment in Florence.

For a moment a huge wave of panic flooded over me.

All I could think about were the headlines in the US papers about the naive American who willingly got in a car with a stranger he met over the Internet and drove away never to be seen again, while his wife was found dead in a Florence apartment where there had been no sign of forced entry!

Luckily, this story has a happy ending!

Phil kept me informed via our Mobal phone as Marco tracked down a friend in Florence who drove out to their secluded river location with an extra set of keys. Phil and Marco walked about 4 miles in their fishing waders and creek boots and found a kind bar owner that allowed them to eat and drink for free until Marco's friend arrived with the keys and access to their wallets.

While it was too late for a romantic dinner by the time Marco dropped Phil off at our apartment, we did use our Mobal World Phone to cancel our reservations and make them for the next night.

Thanks for offering such a great product and service.


Alison and Phil Spare

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Bruce Sorrentino

I just want to say that I purchased my Mobal World Phone in the beginning of December and used it for the first time on a trip to Grenoble, France the week of December 11th.

It worked flawlessly and I was very pleased.

It certainly saved a lot of time searching out pay phones and having to pay for phone cards.

Bruce Sorrentino

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Mark Chapoton

One other thing stands out at Mobal.

Excellent and prompt customer service.

Mobal has ALWAYS been above par in that department. I've only been with Mobal a short time, but it has been long enough to make that conclusion.

Mobal's real people always answer me with the information I want. Rarely indeed do I have personal and informative e-conversations with a merchant's representative as has been the case with Mobal on more than one occasion.

That familiarity is very valuable and not at all the norm.

You do great, and you can tell your boss I said so!

Mark Chapoton

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Ed Schwartz

In 2002, I founded Loving Shepherd Ministries, an organization to provide no-cost services to U.S. families wanting to adopt children domestically or internationally.

I am also a pastor, so those two positions gave me the privilege of accompanying a man from my congregation in bringing Thomas, his newly adopted 18 month old Ethiopian boy to his home in Indiana, to meet Thomas' new mother and 5 brothers and sisters.

While in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the two of us wanted to spend time with a missionary couple we've known for years. They lived 2 hours south of Addis and were driving north to meet us.

I called them late in the afternoon on my Mobal World Phone to arrange a meeting place in Addis. Peggy answered her phone and asked me where in Addis I was as they had just arrived in the city.

We were staying at a guest house and I had no idea where it was located, nor did they.

As a side-note, it's important to understand the situation. Addis Ababa is a city the physical size of Chicago, Illinois with twice as many people. There are very few street signs and seemingly not much organization to the street layout. So, trying to find our friends in a city the size of Chicago seemed like a formidable task.

So, back to the story.

I am on the phone with Peggy with no idea how to get her even remotely close to where we are staying. It was then I saw the Ethiopian administrator of the orphanage and guest house in which we were staying. "Can you tell my friends how to get here? They are somewhere in Addis."

When I told my missionary friend Peggy what I was doing, she told her husband Gary to pull off the road and park so he could talk to the administrator. Gary parked along the street, took the phone and was told which street the guest house was located on.

Gary said - "that's the street I'm on!"

The administrator told him to drive until he saw a sign "Embassy of Togo - Residency".

Gary said - "I'm parked and I see the sign outside my window".

The administrator said - "is there a white building close by with green doors at the entrance?"

Gary said, "I'm parked in front of it!"

At that point we are emerging from the guest house with my Mobal World Phone still to my ear to see Gary and Peggy at our front door. The Bible states in Proverbs 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. We pray often that God will direct our paths in life.

It was very exciting to literally see it happen in front of our eyes. The Mobal World Phone was a blessing to us in our communications in a country where communication is difficult.

Ed Schwartz - President Loving Shepherd Ministries

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Darren Grosvenor

It was 2am in China and I had to call back to the USA for an important call. I was out at a club and they were just closing.

I made the call with my Mobal World Phone and the meeting went well.

When I got back to the states, I had to go to Florida and visit that same client.

They loved the stories about China but the odd thing they remembered was that the call was soo clear that all they could think about was the Chinese they heard in the background and not what I was saying.

I guess when the call is too clear, you are not really heard, but I am glad to say it was clear and all went well.

Darren Grosvenor

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Christopher J. Poisella

Ironically my girlfriend is currently in the Dublin, Ireland.

I gave her my Mobal World Phone to take so that she and I could stay in touch and it worked out GREAT.

Although she is over 3,000 miles away it's nice to maintain contact and hear about her experiences throughout the week.

I have been very happy with the service not only of the phone but your customer support staff.

Very friendly people and helpful too.

I also used my Mobal World Phone when I was in Malaga Spain back in January of 2006 with great success while trying to keep in touch with friends and family here in the states.

Thanks again and keep up the great work,

Christopher J. Poisella

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Bob Salisbury Sarasota

Earlier this year I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and took my Mobal World Phone with me.

At 19,340', Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest point and the largest free-standing volcano in the world. We started our trek and climb on December 29, 2006.

On our third night out, we camped at 15,000' at a camp site called Lava Tower. Our guides had told us that we might be able to get cell phone reception at that location. On the morning of January 1, 2007, I walked to a ledge overlooking the valley below and powered up my Mobal World Phone. I was able to get good reception and telephoned my wife in Florida, USA.

Because of the 8 hour time differential, I reached her late on New Year's Eve (it was New Year's morning in Africa) and was able to wish her a "Happy New Year."

On January 3, 2007, we reached the summit of Kilimanjaro. Again, I powered up my Mobal World Phone and got good reception. I was able to telephone my wife and tell her we were on the summit (19,340').

The attached picture shows me, my daughter Brenda Salisbury and her husband, Brad Jackson, on the summit (unfortunately, the Mobal World Phone was back in my pocket).

It was great having the Mobal World Phone and being able to communicate with family from such a long distance.


Bob Salisbury Sarasota, FL, USA

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Tedd Sheyda

Just thought that I would drop you a short note to let you know that having our Mobal World phones with us on a recent trip to Ireland was really a lifesaver.

We arrived in Dublin in a driving snowstorm but our luggage didn't. The airline said that they would ship it to where we would be staying. Since we were traveling and staying in Bed & Breaksfast inns, we couldn't give them a definite address.

We were able to maintain contact with the airline personnel (and vice-versa) through the use of our Mobal World Phones during our travels.

We really would have been lost without them.

The luggage finally caught up with us several days later at B&B that we were able to reserve in advance, once again by using our Mobal World Phones.

The Mobal World Phones will be a necessary part of our travel needs on all future trips.

Tedd Sheyda

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Verena Briley Hudson

I have really had the sense of security because I own a Mobal World Phone and travel for fun and sometimes business too!

I live in the greater Chicago, IL, USA area and two years ago I attended a People to People Ambassador's Program in Russia.

I was so happy to hear about the Mobal World Phone. Imagine calling from Russia-Moscow, Novgorod, and St. Petersburg whenever I wanted and the clarity of the Mobal World Phone was unimaginable!

It sounded better than calling locally as my office to home.

My colleagues were really surprised to see my Mobal World Phone and none of them had ever heard about your service. Since that time, I've recruited a few and they have marveled over the ease and dependability as well as the pricing information!

Well, I just returned from France for my husband's and my 28th Wedding Anniversary and was again pleased with my Mobal. We left Paris on a train en route to Chateauroux, France, and I was so pleased to be able to call our friends there while riding on the train in a somewhat remote location.

This is the best bargain in global communications yet!

Thanks Mobal for all that you do!

Verena Briley Hudson

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Tam Kohanski

I took a group of 12 students to Denmark on a field trip over spring break only to find once we were there that there's hardly a pay phone in the entire country.

All the students had brought calling cards and promised their parents they'd call to check in, but we couldn't find a phone or even an internet portal in any of the (admittedly out-of-the-way) places we were traveled to.

My Mobal World Phone, which I had brought along just for emergencies, ended up being our only link to the outside world.

Thanks for saving the day!

Tam Kohanski

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Don Wyatt

As president of a Travel Video Company, it is very important to be able to stay in contact when traveling the world.

My Mobal World Phone is a very easy way to stay connected and I was amazed at the availability all over Turkey.

We traveled over 2000 miles and I had service wherever we went.


Don Wyatt, President

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Sue Fetherolf

On my daughter's recent trip to Greece & Turkey, my Mobal World Phone actually made perfect calls to a small area located in the Green Mountains of central Vermont.

It was the only phone that her group was using to call back to their parents in the states.

I didn't mind sharing the phone and needless to say, many friends were made on that cruise ship.

I plan on referring your product to many of my fellow workers, friends and relatives. I do believe everyone who travels should pack a Mobal World Phone also.

Best Regards,

Sue Fetherolf

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Donna Douglas

I luve my Mobal World Phone. I got it to use on a trip to China.

My fellow travelers had a bunch of phone cards that didn't work most places.

There NEVER was a place I could not call from and reach home--clear as a bell.

I'll be taking it in June to Ireland.


Donna Douglas

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David and Sigrid Matson

We were very comforted having our Mobal World Phone available during our trip to the southwest UK the last two weeks.

We fortunately needed it only twice, once to provide flight information to out daughter, and once to find a hotel.

We had booked in at a small hotel in Penzance, but couldn't find it. We called on our Mobal World Phone and asked for them to "talk us in". I drove while my wife navigated.

The instructions included turning into a car park on an adjacent street, and executing a zig-zag through the lot to get to the hotel. The street the hotel was on was one-way for about 500 feet against the direction we were coming from. Beyond that it was two-way.

The hotelkeeper said he would come out and wave his arms so we wouldn't drive by it.

Without our Mobal World Phone, we'd probably have to have approached on foot.

Thanks for having this phone available!

David and Sigrid Matson

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Susan Lehman

Sunday mid-morning, my husband & I arrived in Alberobello, Italy at the train station dragging our luggage and gear to join a biking tour.

Although we had no map of the town, we had our hotel name and presumed that a cab would take us from the train station to our meeting place. Alas, we were the only passengers to disembark into an empty station and an empty plaza.

After wandering around a few minutes and contemplating the size and streets of the hill in front of us, we finally encountered a town street sweeper. He conveyed through gestures that the town does NOT have taxis and that our hotel was quite some distance. Then he walked me about 1/3 of a block to a small sign and pointed to the name and telephone no. of our hotel.

I pulled out our new Mobal World Phone, called the hotel, and they sent a shuttle to pick us up within 15 minutes.

Thank you, Mobal.

Susan Lehman from San Diego, CA

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William R Little

My wife and I took a Mediterranean cruise this spring for our 25th wedding anniversary.

There was a seven hour time difference from Italy to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where our girls were going to college, so we made several calls to them in the evenings Italian time. The picture attached is calling one of our daughters from the Saint Mark's Square in Venice while we listened to the cafe's orchestra in the back ground.

My daughter was very jealous!

We carried our Mobal World Phone during all our excursions. I also used the alarm feature as our alarm clock while on the boat and as an alarm to tell us when it was time to meet up with our tour groups, etc.

We were very impressed with the areas of coverage, quality of the reception and voice clarity.

It is much better than our cell phones we use everyday in Tennessee.

Thanks for making a great and affordable product!


William R Little, MD

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Rich Carlson

I was recently in the darkest of South Africa on a game reserve in a high end luxury lodge without TV, RADIO or telephone, but I had my Mobal World Phone and called my wife at home in Santa Cruz.

I used my Mobal World Phone all over South Africa without any problems what so ever.


Attached is a photo of me on an evening was so cold you didn't want any square inch of your body exposed...thus the blanket and sunglasses at night.

Rich Carlson

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Ted And Kathy Brown

We were hiking in Bavaria Germany and the hike to the Gruenstein just south of Berchtesgaden overlooking the beautiful lake Konigsee. It took longer than anticipated and the hike back to the bus was much steeper and rocky than we anticipated.

We arrived at the bus stop almost 30 min after the hotel (5 K away) had our reservations for dinner. The bus would not come for another 20 min. We were HUNGRY and TIRED so my wife, who had the number for the hotel, called them on our Mobal World Phone and asked them to send a cab ASAP.

In just a few min a cab rushed up and took us to the hotel. This hotel has excellent food and you don't want to miss a meal there!

This was our 10th time in Germany and I'm glad we bought our Mobal World Phone this time.

Ted And Kathy Brown, Pensacola, Florida

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Katie Petersen

I recently purchased 2 Mobal World Phones to be used by guests attending our daughters wedding in Italy.

The phones were indispensable.

For example; one of the bridesmaids had never been out of the USA and was very nervous about traveling on her own. She experienced flight delays, lost luggage, she had no experience taking a train, and the hotel lost her confirmed reservation.

Having the Mobal World Phone not only made it easier to notify others of the delays and changes in her plans but allowed her to talk to and receive reassurance from friends.

For a novice traveler being able to talk to friends was her lifeline.

My Mobal World Phones were definitely my best travel accessory purchase ever.

I will not travel again without a phone.

Thank You,

Katie Petersen

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I just recently ordered a Mobal World Phone from your company and I am most impressed as I do believe it is one of the better deals available.

Megan Quinn

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Mobal's customer service has always been so excellent. Please pass this on to your supervisor.

Kim Giovacco

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My daughter has just finished her semester in Ireland.

May I say the Mobal World Phone service we had during that time was excellent. We were able to communicate with her any time or day.

Thank you for the service provided.

Julie Cotter

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I just got off the phone with Robin on your team.

I have to say that I have not received better service from a phone company representative than I received from him.

His help was "above-and-beyond." I hope that he will be adequately recognized for his initiative and conscientiousness.

William Copp

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We were in France over the recent holidays, and we went out to see the Vaux le Vicomte. The Vaux le Vicomte is the chateau that inspired Louis XIV to build the palace at Versailles. It was a lovely visit to a beautiful site.

When it was time to leave, we found out just how infrequent was the shuttle bus - in a word: very.

Rather than wait around for an hour or so until the next Chateaubus, I whipped out my Mobal World Phone and called the taxi service (the driver had given me his card when he dropped us off).

Within 15 minutes - exactly as promised, the taxi arrived and took us to a delightful little restaurant - Cave des Vignerons, I believe.

Without our Mobal World Phone, we would have been stranded and left with a vending-machine lunch at the train station.


Andy Kegel

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Last fall, I added some golf to a business trip to Scotland.

My husband's mother had been ill, so when I missed a call because my Mobal World Phone was buried in my golf bag, I immediately called him to see if he had some urgent news.

Fortunately the missed call was not from him, but we had a wonderful chat as I stood on the hilltop 10th tee at Shishkine Golf Course on Arran and he prepared for his fairway shot on the 9th green of Pleasant Run golf course in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Nice to compare game notes wherever we are!

Susan McNeely

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Thank you for being so helpful. Dealing with you and your company has been a rewarding experience.

Thanks again,

Ron Peifer

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Great little phone!!, we took it on an 8 week trip from Canada to French Polynesia, The Cook Islands, New Zealand and the eastern side of Australia covering Melbourne, Sydney , Brisbane and north into Queensland.

We even managed to speak to our son from the beach in Bora Bora!!

The costs per minute were actually lower than hotels were looking for on calls back to Canada.

Although purchased as an emergency link it is so easy to use , convenient and cost effective, that it was used more than we had originally intended!!

Best Regards,

W. Allan Ingram

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My Mobal World Phone is great & inexpensive.

Think of how chic it is to have a lifetime international phone # and a Phone which works in 160+ countries!

Damian Cesanek

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Your customer service is the best!

Jim Margolis

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We returned from our Viking River cruise Sat. AUG.4. had a wonderful trip of 13 days from Vienna to Amsterdam.

My Mobal World Phone worked like making local cell phone calls.

My first call was to my daughter in Atlanta, Ga. I was amazed at the speed the call went thru. I had expected a few seconds delay but there was none.

The Mobal World Phone worked equally well along the entire route while cruising the rivers ,on the deck and in the cabin.

Ed Moore

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I shopped on line for a phone for my daughter to use while she was in Europe.

After reading several endorsements from different sources, I decided to give the "too good to be true" Mobal World Phone a try.

I am a cynical shopper, especially with phones, but must report that the connection quality was the best I have ever experienced - not a single dropped call, no cutting in and out, I spoke to my daughter in Italy like it was around the corner!

Unless your cell phone already has international ability, this is the way to go. No shopping around for phone booths, or working if you'll use up your card and not find a store to buy one.

Buy the phone, its yours forever, and you pay only for the calls you use, at the published prices.

No additional fees, taxes, gimmicks, I was very pleased.


Vince Careccia

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When I planned my vacation to France, I searched for an international phone at a reasonable cost.

I located your company on the internet and found your services offered and pricing very reasonable.

I had never used an international phone service before and found my Mobal World Phone to be easy to use. I never had a dropped call either!

I would recommend Mobal to everyone.

The customer service line even has a LIVE person to answer any questions at any time!

Thanks for great service and I am a very happy customer.

Brenda Godfrey

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You are fantastic!!!!!


Ann Sage

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Just a note to tell you my Mobal World Phone has worked perfectly everywhere in Europe, and I have been very pleased.

Michael Dollinger

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Just returned from trip --- wife injured in Budapest -- my Mobal World Phone saved the day !

Barry Quiennies

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If the product is anywhere near the level of performance of Mobal's employees with whom I have interacted so far, I will be further impressed and delighted.

Amazing personal service and attention to details. Great job!


Terry Blumer

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Just got back from three weeks in Spain. It sure was handy having my Mobal World Phone along.

It worked like a champ too.

Phil Rowe Albuquerque, NM USA

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I took my Mobal World Phone on a river cruise. We traveled from Amsterdam to Budapest.

It was great being able to keep in contact with our children, relatives and friends while we visited these various Countries.

Every call we attempted from whatever country we were and any place on the Rivers was completed the first time attempted and never had a dropped call.

My wife and I both agreed the connections were more clear than on our cell phones at home.

The cost of these calls was a fraction of what we are accustomed to paying in foreign countries and aboard cruise ships in the past.

I would and have recommended the Mobal to many.


Cliff Sinclair

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While on a remote safari in Zimbabwe, I was approached by a fellow hunter who was frantic to speak with her children after having been out of touch for ten days.

Unfortunately, the nearest hope for any signal ( from Zambia ) was two and one-half hours away at the "telephone mountain." The "telephone mountain" ( elevation 1000 feet ) requires a one hour climb to get a signal from neighboring Zambia if the conditions are ideal.

I loaned my Mobal World Phone to my fellow hunter in hopes that she could use it if she failed to get a signal with her equipment.

Much to our surprise, when she returned six hours later, she and the professional hunter had nothing but praise for my Mobal World Phone.

My phone was so superior that she did not find it necessary to climb the "telephone mountain" nor did she have anything but a clear signal from the base of the mountain.

She thanked me profusely and said that she would be purchasing a Mobal World Phone upon her return to the United States.


Samuel A. Blackwell lll

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We arrived in Frankfort, Germany to celebrate our 60th birthdays and followed the car rental instructions to meet at a particular location and await pick-up to go to an off-site location.

We got to the pick-up location and it was under construction. We waited there for ten or fifteen minutes and started to get a little worried. Unsure of how long the wait was going to be and to insure that we were actually at the right location I phoned the rental car agency.

Our Mobal World Phone got its first test run by calling the rental car agency. Our came our instructions on how to call and then the phone list and it took a couple of calls to connect with the rental car agency.

They assured us that pick-ups were underway and we confirmed the new location for pick-up. We also confirmed the type of vehicle that was to pick us up.

Had we not used the Mobal Phone we would have been waiting in the wrong place for a lot longer period of time. The first time we used it was a life saver.

Red and Marilyn O'Laughlin

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I recently purchased a Mobal World Phone from you for our travels in the Mediterranean and I just want you to know how thrilled I am with the performance of the phone.

I recommended you to a friend who then purchased one as well.

It is rare in today's world to find a company and a product that live up to their billing, but you truly exceeded my expectations.

Our daughter was experiencing heart problems while we were away and it was such a comfort to be able to be in touch. Our reception on our calls to San Diego was outstanding.

Thank you and I will continue to recommend you to our friends and family.

Lani Wood

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I wanted to let you know that we think our Mobal World Phone is such a great idea. We travel to Europe only twice a year, so your phone works out perfect for us.

Keep up the good work!

David Peterson

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The Mobal World Phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It has two features I dearly love. It sits here at home on the charger, not costing me a penny. Three weeks ago, I was carrying on a three-way argument with a Paris cab driver and a stuffy chap in London, whilst trying to book a train for Geneva.

Life doesn't get any better.

David P. Bond

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We enjoyed our China trip! When speaking with our children in DC and Chicago, they were amazed at the clarity of the call, and so were we.

Jan Kottle

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I used my Mobal World Phone a couple times a day to make calls within Italy to Alitalia, trying to track down luggage they lost for the entire 3-day duration of my stay in Italy.

They eventually found it, and I was able to pick it up at the airport on the day of my departing flight.

Ed Tarney

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The trip was great maybe our best vacation ever.

I work in Baghdad Iraq for a subcontractor, I flew to Jordan then to Rome. My wife flew from Mobile Al. to Rome we got there about a hour apart and the Mobal World Phone help us to find each other.

Also when we were at the Vatican we walked almost 900 steps up in a tower to view the city and our Kids called while we were up there.

It worked great, thanks

Mike Switzer

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In October I was in Kitgum, Northern Uganda filming a documentary for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America about a 20 year civil war between government soldiers and a rebel army.

300,000 refugees are huddled into camps around Kitgum.

One evening the hotel power went out so I decided to step outside and call my wife in Chicago. Of course, my Mobal World Phone worked perfectly.

While talking, I nearly stepped on a person sleeping on the ground. To my surprise, the person turned out to be one member of a small squad of machine gun toting Ugandan (UPDF) soldiers, bivouacked in the courtyard of our hotel!

"Honey, I think I nearly tripped over a solider. Hope all is well with you and the kids. I'll call tomorrow! Bye."

Tim Frakes

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I'm a square dance caller and I've been fortunate to be able to teach our American dances in a number of European countries including the UK, Denmark, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

For my most recent trip to Denmark I decided that having a Mobal World Phone would make my trip much easier given the number of cities I was to visit via public transportation - and given the fact that almost everyone in Denmark has a cell phone.

I didn't think I would need to make many calls so your company's arrangement seemed well suited to my needs. My trip went smoothly and I only needed to make a few calls to confirm arrival times.

However on my last morning, I was staying in a friend's apartment just outside Copenhagen. He was away and another friend had agreed, a few days earlier, to take me to the airport.

She would pick me up at 7:30 am. At 7:25 I was outside the apartment building, waiting at the curb. I had left the key in the apartment with the door locked behind me.

By 7:45 I was worried - where was my friend? I called her on my Mobal World Phone".

She had forgotten our appointment, but rushed right over and I made my flight!

Saved by my Mobal World Phone!!!

Bob Dalsemer

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I'd had my Mobal World Phone several months before our Spain trip and indeed had some doubts about it actually working (having purchased the one that doesn't work in the USA). So I loaned it to friends going to Italy.

They reported it worked fine and even called me from Italy to prove it.

So when we finally got to our Spain trip I was confident it would work, which it certainly did. In Spain I used it immediately upon landing at Barajas airport to bring the hotel shuttle, Then I used it along our driving trip throughout Andalucia to confirm B&B and hotel reservations. In Medina-Sidonia, a small hilltop town, I called Seville hotels to make changes in our reservations and also one in Madrid at journey's end.

The little phone worked like a champ.

In one place we needed to arise very early for a side trip to Tangier and the alarm feature, which I belatedly discovered, came to our rescue.

We made the ferry handily after that early wake-up alarm. So yes, my Mobal phone came in very handy. It's easy to use and I'm mighty glad we decided to buy it.

Phil Rowe Albuquerque, NM USA

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In August I took a group of teens over to the UK to perform Shakespeare. We found out about your Mobal World Phone offer via the Washington Post just before we left and many of the students parent's purchased the phone for their children to use when in the UK.

It came in so handy.

The students were staying at the homes of exchange partners and having their own Mobal World Phones means they did not have to rely on the generosity of the families they were staying with.

It also meant parents over here could call their children directly, instead of trying to track me down. And the parents of students who didn't have phones were able to call me and I could call them at any time.

I will definitely be recommending your phone to others.


Heather Sanderson

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

My husband and I purchased our Mobal World Phone for our 9-year-old son who went to Europe with us so he would feel safer and be able to reach either of us for any reason.

Although my husband and I had our cell phones from the states, we found we had much better luck with phone services from the moment we stepped off the plane in Paris using our son's Mobal phone.

It was a great phone to have with our son and us in Europe certainly loved carrying it around!

Deanna Sabey

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

As a matter of fact I did have a very serious then funny after the fact incident whilst traveling through Europe.

At about 9 PM I found myself at the entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel 11.7 km long. The entrance is in Italy, but the exit is in France. I paid 32 Euro Dollars to go through the 2 lane tunnel with a speed limit of 70 km/hr.

Well I usually try my best to drive the speed limit +/- a few kms. As I was halfway through I noticed a flash of light going off behind me and thought it was some tourist wanting to get a shot of the tunnel inside to boast to mates, etc.

When I finally exited the tunnel, there standing on the side of the road were to policemen, one Italian, one French officer. They waved me to pull over, which I did and the Italian announced that I was speeding through Mont Blanc Tunnel and wanted to see my drivers license and proof of rental.

He looked in the rear of the car and mentioned that I had a lot of luggage and boxes and inquired if they could inspect them.

I am the inventor of a battery-less and wireless remote electrical control switch that I am licensing to several companies in the UK and EU and I had a lot of strange looking electronic devices and samples of various components all very foreign looking to the untrained eye.

When they looked at the items they looked at each other and thought they hit the mother load of terrorist activity in progress. I thought I hope the bloody hell they don't come up with the idea that I was trying to blow Mont Blanc.

They inquired if I could prove what I said. The only thing that entered my mind was that I happened to store the Director of Engineering of this Italian company in my Mobal World Phone. I pleaded with him to verify my purpose, which he did as he spoke with the Italian officer.

They were completely satisfied and the Italian officer then wrote me a ticket for speeding at 75 km/hr for 35 Euro Dollars,

I hope you enjoyed how my Mobal World Phone saved my posterior.


Dr. David Deak, CEO

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We cruise a lot and in the past we relied on phone cards and different phone plans -- many of them didn't work and we never made calls we should have.

When we purchased you Mobal World Phone and started to use it, it was like using our phone at home. We never lost a call and all calls were crystal clear -- we used it all over Europe, the Caribbean and the Baltic.

It gives my wife peace of mind to talk to everyone at any time. I'm so glad I purchased it.

Vincent Massa

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

My husband and I recently sailed on a Mediterranean cruise. We began in Istanbul and ended in Barcelona.

From Barcelona we were to fly to Paris, Charles DeGaulle airport to make the connecting flight back to Atlanta. I had checked all flights the day we left home for Istanbul and all were fine.

Two days before docking in Barcelona I went on line on the ship to double check reservations. Well, the flight from Paris to Atlanta GA. was nowhere to be found. It had disappeared and the flight number no longer existed.

Having made the original flight plans through I e-mailed them about this problem. They e-mailed back, yes the flight was cancelled and no longer existed so I must call Air France to make new plans. I decided since had made the original plans I would call them.

Fortunately my sister had purchased a Mobal World Phones and we borrowed it. Many calls later, did returns a call to us. They explained Air France had placed us on a different flight replacing our original one.

Long story short, did finally get us a new connecting flight to Paris and we made the earlier flight from there to Atlanta.

Without the Mobal World Phone the cost of all these calls would have been MUCH more as calls from a ship run about $7.99 a minute.

Also, there is not always a connection to different locations. Through a variety of 800 numbers to we spoke with people in the Philippines, France, and New York.

Each call was completed, and the connection was never lost.

We thank you for the service and will now be purchasing a Mobal phone of our own.

Charles and Maitland Zentgraf, Big Canoe, Georgia

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

We did have a great experience with our Mobal World Phone.

We were on a Med Cruise and found we had service even at sea most of the time. It was a great thrill to be on deck as the ship pulled out of Venice and I was on the phone talking to my son in Los Angeles.

Most important though was the peace of mind to know that I was able to be in contact with my business and family at all times.

Maury Gomberg

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

Let me first say that this is the 'best' value of anything I've purchased in years.

My Mobal World Phone worked easily and communicated flawlessly in the European cities I traveled in for both business and pleasure in September and October.

You may be interested to know that about a year ago I changed my mobile carrier in the US from T-Mobile (which works well in Europe, but horribly in the US) to Verizon (which is fabulous in the US, and non-existent in Europe and Asia-Pacific - due to not being GSM). What I didn't realize is what poor options Verizon provided for the American traveler abroad. I would have to buy an additional, very expensive phone that I could only use outside the US, plus a 2-year contract for additional monthly charges (whether I was using the service or not).

Fortunately I saw your add and gave it a try. I'm very happy with my Mobal World Phone and plan to use it frequently.

Thank you, and best regards,

Robert Estes

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

It's very rare to encounter such excellent and personal service, and I am extremely appreciative.

You can be sure I will recommend Mobal to all my friends who travel. Thank you again,

Sara Feldman

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

My trip went very well and I loved my phone. Everyone should have one - I never had one problem using it.

I have told many of friends and recommend it highly.

Peggy Brinkley

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I am glad I got a Mobal World Phone for my travels.

It's convenient to use and saved me money from having to buy a local sim card in the countries where I needed a mobile phone.

Having your Mobal World Phone gave me comfort that I was able to send/receive SMS from my loved ones while I was on the road.


Anna Barrameda

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

Yes we had a very successful trip and our Mobal World Phone was a great help when our credit and debit cards did not in cash machines. I was able to correct all the problems in no time.

Bob Cammarano

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

During our recent trip to Vienna where my wife and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary we brought our Mobal World Phone due to the fact we were leaving our young child with a relative back in the states.

In addition to our Anniversary we were also meeting friends from four different countries and three other locations in the United States.

Coordinating activities was a breeze with the people from Europe whose mobiles worked there. The others from the US either did not work or they were very surprised when they saw their bills later.

Thanks to Mobal we had a worry free vacation and were all able to gather everyone with a quick SMS or mobile call.

E.L. George, Des Moines, Iowa

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I purchased my Mobal World Phone before I left and I want you to know that I am thrilled with the phone and the service.

Anyway your product is a great one! And just so you know, I am already planning a trip back to the UK next year to see all that I might have missed my first trip and my Mobal World Phone is going with me, for sure!!

Thank you so much and aloha,

Sheila J. Ueno

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

Well I was down in Mexico on Thanksgiving weekend, and we were four-wheeling on the dunes in Baja.

It was getting close to sunset and the horizon just looked amazing so I had to call my friend in Boston to tell about it because she just loves the west coast sunsets.

So I called her, she appreciated it and it was great. Just after I hung up I was attacked by a wild chihuahua.

It's always great to have my Mobal World Phone on me when there's something that needs to be told to someone on the other side of the world.

Derek J. Starks

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I purchased our Mobal World Phone for my 16 year old daughter to use while on a school trip to Northern Spain in November.

The phone ended up being a great help to the entire group as their phone cards would not work in several of the more remote towns the group visited, and many of the kids ended up using my daughter's Mobal World Phone to touch base with their parents.

Thanks for a very good product.

Julie Garrett

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

While vacationing this fall in Europe, I was terribly frustrated when calling hotels to make reservations only to be reminded that I am terribly language deficient and, therefore, unable to communicate my needs or understand the hotel employees' responses.

Ahah! I called the American 800 numbers for the hotels. Voila, reservations were made easily and our rooms were ready when we arrived. The phone paid for itself many times over during our most recent trip to Europe.

Sandra Lynch

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I wanted to let you know my experience with my Mobal World Phone.

My wife and I, along with her brother and sister-in-law, traveled to Germany in mid-October. This was our first time. We were a little concerned about our family members at home being able to contact us in case of an emergency.

And, we wanted to talk with them every few days to let them know what was going on.

I checked into renting a cell phone for use while we were in Germany. The cost for most rentals was very high. It looked like it was going to cost about $200 for the period of our visit.

Then I ran across Mobal on the Internet and checked it out. It was going to be cheaper to buy a Mobal World Phone than to rent a phone from someone else. So, that's what I did.

We kept it on all the time in case the family needed to contact us. (By the way, we were never without a signal, except when we were deep in a salt mine.)

I've been telling my friends they should get a Mobal World Phone if they travel outside the U.S. The price is reasonable and when we used it, the service was great.

We never had a problem. Thank you for providing such a good service to travelers.


David Gale, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

Well, during Larry and my trip to Europe this summer, we first ran into problems at London Gatwick.

Our luggage, we were told by the airline, was checked through to our final destination of Bergen, Norway. When we reached the departure gate, however, the attendant told us that our luggage was in the other terminal and that we'd have to go and get it and have it processed before we could board, and there was no time to do that.

We were told we'd have to miss the flight, get a hotel, and fly out the next day. We had friends meeting us at the airport in Bergen, and we were very upset.

Refusing to accept this news, I whipped out my Mobal World Phone and called the U.S. office of the airlines (Delta) and told them that we were in a critical time crunch and explained the situation.

The representative asked me to put the gate attendant on the phone, which I did, and she then explained that our luggage was indeed checked through and that she strongly suggested they locate it and get us on the plane.

They did, and we met our friends with no problems whatsoever. Then began our road trip through 10 European countries. We soon learned that American Express wasn't accepted in many locations and we needed cash.

Mobal World Phone to the rescue!

We were able to contact our bank in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A. and have money sent by Western Union to the little village in Italy where we were staying. Problem solved.

Next, we're on an island off the coast of Norway and it's time to head for home. On the ferry en route to the mainland and Bergen's airport, I use my Mobal World Phone to check the flight status - it's been cancelled, which meant we'd miss the other legs of our flight home, too!

I call the airport and the ticket offices are closed. Once again, I dial a U.S. number and explain my situation, this time to the online travel service through which I'd booked our airline reservations. They were able to get us re-ticketed so that we had only a few hours' wait at the airport until we could get a flight out that allowed us to still make our connecting flights.

We will never again travel outside the U.S. without our Mobal World Phone!

Judy Woodward Bates, author, writer, speaker, freelance travel writer Larry W. Bates, freelance photographer

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how well the Mobal World Phone worked.

I purchase mine in July and recommended the service to my brother-in-law. When we landed in Barcelona I turned the phone on and it worked perfectly.

Throughout Europe we were able to keep in touch with each other and to call home. Although in doubt on the original purchase, the Mobal World Phone turned out to be great and so is the service.

I highly recommend Mobal.

Chuck Davison, Durham NC

To get your own Mobal World Phone, CLICK HERE

Your cellphone service is awesome!!

I could not believe the clearity!

I could talk to my friends in Ohio better from Germany than I could from.......OHIO! I sure wish I had that kind of service here as I had there.

Ron Opatich, A very satisfied customer

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Having my Mobal World Phone was beneficial in so many ways -- especially for allowing me to spend more time with my daughter, as the next paragraph describes!

When my friend and I visited my daughter in Sweden last May I carried my brand new Mobal World Phone. While my daughter was at work my friend and I wandered around Malmo and couldn't decide where to eat lunch.

Just when we tried to read/guess the menus outside some of the restaurants, my phone rang.

My daughter was taking a break and wondered if we'd had lunch yet....we talked as we walked to the corner she directed us to. She found us and we had a wonderful lunch together!

Many thanks!

Lynn Blumberg

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Just wanted to say that I finally used my Mobal World Phone for the first time, last week in Stockholm, Sweden.

To be honest, I was skeptical of how well this was all going to actually work, you know, $49 phone, no fees, 190 countries, RIGHT!

When the plane touched down I fired that thing up, and bravo, strong signal. I traveled throughout Sweden that week and never lost service once.

I can't even do that in New York with my Blackberry.

I am returning to Italy, Austria, and Munich in April, so I'll give it the real workout. If it fails I will tell you.

I just wanted to thank you guys for being honest in your advertisements. Everything you say in those Ads is true. That's rare nowadays.

Michael D. Werner Vice President - Region Director Volvo Construction Equipment

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I purchased my Mobal World Phone a few weeks ago for my trip to Bali. I used it basically to call home.

It worked perfectly and all at home said the connection was so clear it sounded like I was next door. I like the fact that I can keep the phone without incurring monthly service charges.


Betty Ginsburg

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Recently went to the Bahamas, my Mobal World Phone worked great with a clear connection to New York, one of the best investments I have made.

A great peace of mind knowing I have a connection to almost anywhere I need to call, on my person.

Tony Gurrera NY USA

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I purchased one of our Mobal World Phones because I was taking a team of workers to Cuba (Santiago de Cuba) to work on refurbishing a Methodist Church in that city. Castro, over the last number of years has allowed us to "reopen" the churches that after the Revolution he had closed.

But I needed a phone that I could use in Cuba...and you provided that for me...

It was great telephoning all our friends...and making connections all along our trip from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. It was perfect!

Thank you!

Rev. Chuck Gommer

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Hi, I just want to let you know that I have been to Tahiti and Bora Bora and I dont have any problems reaching out to my friends and family and I am very pleased with my Mobal World Phone and reception.


Sampath Ramanavara

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We are new customers who took our Mobal World Phone to Finland ( Lapland actually)for a recent trip.

I had explored several options like renting a phone until I stumbled upon your website. Although we used the Mobal World Phone only a few times, it proved invaluable to allow us to make some arrangements while we were there...especially since the cabin we had rented had no phone.

It has been frustrating in the past since our Canadian cell phones don't work in Europe.

Thanks again.

David Halpenny Calgary, Alberta Canada

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Thank you for all your support. I was very pleased with my Mobal World Phone's clear sound.

I found it wonderful just to have a phone which worked, so that we could place calls to our host son/daughters in Europe.

Iris Alaniz, One Satisfied Customer

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We just got back from Paris and London. No exceptional stories, but our Mobal World Phones worked great.

We always got through when we needed to. Having the Mobal World Phones was a necessity when my daughters and I were apart and needed to get in touch to meet. I don't know what we would have done without them.

So glad we bought them.


Sharon Yeskel

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Recently my 19yr. old daughter traveled solo to Europe.

Realizing that a Mobal World Phone was a must, I had little time to place an order and had little hope the phone would come in time. Not only was the order executed and shipped out immediately.

It actually arrived 2 hrs before its estimated time.

Communicating with our daughter from the United States to Europe not only gave my family piece of mind it also gave hope that companies like yours still exist!

Keep up the good work, and many thanks to you and all of your excellent employees at Mobal.


Orlando E. Rodriguez M.D.

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The Mobal World Phone was terrific and solved the exact need for which I purchased it.

Therese Ostermann

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Last September my friend and I were traveling in England.

We had reservations at a B&B in Bath, and found ourselves in the middle of that incredibly congested traffic in the middle of town.

Mobal to the rescue!

We called the B&B, and the proprietor guided us right to a convenient parking lot and then to the house.

We were very pleased with the Mobal service. We each had one, and used them to keep track of each other when we wandered off by ourselves.

Wouldn't travel without it.

My husband is now in Scotland, and I love being able to keep in touch with him so easily.

Hoping to be in Italy this fall; we'll certainly use the Mobal there, too.

Kathryn Brown

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I have used my Mobal World Phone both on the Danube in Eastern Europe and also from Bangkok to Beijing in the Far East.

It has worked perfectly on both occasions and I have recommended it to many many people.


Carolyn McK

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I want to says thanks and your Mobal World Phone service is the best thing since sliced bread.

My wife's Mom is 87 and we always worry about her while gone, this time we didn't have too.

Also on our last day, we returned to Edinburgh for our last night before a morning flight back home. We had a B&B booked with address/phone but no map. Our traveling partners had brought their mobile GPS to use in our rent car and it did very well except for the last night.

It took us to a very similar named road near the business section of Edinburgh. No B&B and in the middle of evening traffic.

No problem, we used our Mobal World Phone, called the B&B, got good directions and arrived shortly later with a lot less stress.

I hate to think of having to find a pay phone where we were lost to call. We are happy customers and glad to be a part of the Mobal family.


Joe Fisher

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My husband got me one of a Mobal World Phones to use on my trip to Europe.

We were in Luzern, Switzerland, and rode to the top of Mt. Pilatus in a gondola. It was in the Alps up over 7,000 ft. We went through the clouds and broke through to beautiful, sunny, weather.

I called my husband from there on the Mobal World Phone. He was in a Union Pacific locomotive around Niland, California, and the phone was as clear as ever!


Carol Stirckland

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Your services have been WONDERFUL.

Communication has been great for the time my daughter has been in Europe.

Thank you again,

Bernadette Taplin

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We were in Southern and Central Ireland and always had a signal.

We did loan our Mobal World Phone to several in our group whose cell phones and/or phone cards did not work.

We were very pleased!


Bill and Carolyn Otis

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We are back from our trip and our Mobal World Phone worked great.

It was nice to have for a variety of reasons. We probably used it most for directions, calling hotels and restaurants once in a city.

Scott Edwards

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We just returned from a three-week trip to Europe using our new Mobal World Phone for the first time.

In the past we have had major problems trying to call back to the U.S. using calling cards, etc.

This time it was simple, fast, and great connections.

One of our fellow travelers had great concern about their son-in-law who was undergoing treatment for a serious illness. When they couldn ot reach their daughter through normal means, I loaned them my Mobal World Phone and they made immediate contact.

They were greatly relieved and enjoyed the rest of their trip much more.

What a great service you are providing!

Calvin G. Lyons

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Wish I had known this sooner.

I just returned from Geneva and London; used my World World Phone for the first time; it rocks!

I also referred you to my friend before I left, who also purchased a Mobal World Phone.

I sell aircraft around the world. The Mobal World Phone helped me do that!


Jan D'Angelo Adam Aircraft

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Just wanted to let you know how wonderful my Mobal World Phone was on my recent trip to Italy, when I called home to Maryland it was like my husband was next door, the sound quality and connection was that good.

The Mobal World Phone is everything you said it was in you ad - great product !!

Thank you !!


Mary Taylor

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Our Mobal phone saved the day for my wife and i when we were vacationing in Europe in December.

We were slowly cruising up the Danube on the MS Amadagio and had left the Mobal World Phone on because our daughter in law was in labor back home in Orlando ,Fl.

At 0620 local time {0020 Orlando time} the Mobal World Phone rang and my son announced that we were the proud grand parents of a 9 lb 11 oz 22" long baby girl Emily Kaytlin Vose,our first.

That made our trip and the cost of the phone and call all worthwhile!

Bill and Roberta Vose, Orlando,FL

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I live in Canada, and most of my travel is in Canada and the United States, so I can always use my regular cell phone.

However, I'm now traveling outside this area more often -- for example, this year to Mexico, South Africa, St. Martin and the U.K.

It's comforting to know that I can just pack my Mobal World Phone and (literally) take off with no worries about how I'll stay in touch when I'm away.

One less source of travel-related stress.

The combination of a permanent phone number, no monthly standby charge and reasonable rates is an unbeatable package, and provides me with a permanent solution to international travel.

As an ancillary benefit, my Mobal World Phone is available as a short-term backup in my home area (Canada) if my regular cell phone is damaged, lost or stolen.


Gary Mooney President, Actel Resources Inc.

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We got the new Mobal World Phone right away and just trusted it would work when we got the heck 'outta dodge' and on with our travels.

In Italy it worked great!

We made reservations, confirmed air travel, received voicemail and kept in contact with fellow travelers.

Plus we got to call home to the US on New Year's Eve to bring in the new year with friends and family.

It was great fun!

Chris Polsen

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I dont have an amazing story, but while in Amsterdam, I used my Mobal World Phone regularly for business reasons and it was such a crystal clear signal that i felt like i was talking to someone in the next room.

The signal was at full strength always and no matter what, my calls always went through without any delay. I would go so far as to say that my reception was so good that it was almost better than my Verizon phone i have in the states.

Thank you so much and i will definitely be using my phone again in a few months when i am in Italy.


Brooking Chenault, Richmond, VA

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My Mobal World Phone service provides me with a great deal of peace of mind.

I've made a couple of brief visits to Vancouver, Canada and have used it there. As I cross the border my US Sprint phone dies and Rogers service pops up on my Mobal World Phone.

It provides a certain security when I travel in the Mexico border area below Arizona which I do as a tourist a couple of times a year.

I'll use it quite a bit when I go to London in the fall. It is a great service, almost too good to be true. (I occasionally phone myself to sort of pinch myself.)

I've recommended it to several people, a couple of whom have signed up.


John Harris

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I just got back from Malaysia and loved my Mobal World Phone.

No problems with connections or handling and that means something, since i am a bit challenged when in contact with new technology.

I can highly recommend having my Mobal World Phone, that's why i gave it to my best friend, who is now in ireland.

Her brother is terminally ill and she almost cancelled her trip out of fear, she could not be reached if he got worse.

Thanks so much for your help. by the way, if you have anyone with doubts, send them my e-mail. I will convince them this is a great thing to have. again thanks,

Verena Stockdale

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Just wanted you to know that purchasing the Mobal World Phone was the best thing I did before leaving for Ireland.

It came in so handy and the reception was outstanding. I would recommend to anyone flying overseas to purchase a phone from you.

I made hotel and B&B reservations, got directions, used it to communicate back home, talked to my niece in Ireland, and in general, used it like my home phone.

The converters that came with the phone worked like a charm.

Thanks for helping to make my trip stress free.

Susan Magee

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A few years ago we serendipitously lucked into a great deal: a small canal boat from Montpellier to Beziers on the Canal du Midi, for a three-day trip.

After a brief "lesson" from the company technician about how to manage the boat, we overnighted on it along the quay in Montpellier.

Come morning we tried to start the engine and heard only a clunky, groaning sound. We would've been really stuck if it hadn't been for the Mobal World Phone.

I put in a call to the company owner in Beziers and he sent this same technician (an hour's ride by car from Beziers) to assist us. It involved a local shop owner, cables, and talks about batteries which I'm sure even my fluent French wouldn't have handled! We were re-charged and M. le technician returned to Beziers by road.

The Mobal World Phone also came in very handy while we were on the Canal and had to call ahead to the next docking area to see if there were any restaurants open when we needed them.

This saved us from stopping somewhere with no services or having to stop, find a phone and use a phone card.

We will NEVER travel in Europe without our Mobal World Phone!

Sheila Roen

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Returned last week from Italy. Carried the Mobal World Phon in my pocket.

It was perfect for keeping in touch with my mom, who is over 90. With such a clean and clear connection I'm not even sure she would have known we were gone.

It worked everywhere perfectly. Love it.

In Rome our agency could not seem to find out when to pick us up to take us to the airport. We had already paid quite a bit for the service and they sent us a fax during the day asking us to call their Rome office about pickup times.

Of course, they sent it while we were off on one of their tours and we didn't get back to our room until their Rome office was closed. Thanks to Mobal, I easily contacted the New York office and they managed to contact a driver and we were picked up at 7 AM the next day, made the flight.

Without my Mobal world Phone I would have had to pay for the airport transfer twice. (Saved me the price of the phone!)


John M. Sklar

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I returned from my trip to France and I LOVED the Mobal World Phone.

In fact, I got engaged in Eze and had it all planned out to call family members back in NY after it happened, which was a really nice thing to be able to do.

We were both thrilled with our Mobal World Phone and I've already referred a friend who purchased it. At one point during our trip, it fell out of my pocket in a cab and after some detective work, I tracked down the driver who actually FOUND it and was nice enough to drop it off at my hotel! It was definitely meant to be :)

Regards/Cheers :)

Peter Feldman

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We are actually in London right now and the Mobal World Phone works great!

We bought two phones so we could keep in touch with our daughters as they also traveled around Europe. They both work great. Everyone we have asked about an international phone recommends Mobal also. It is going to be a wonderful long term investment for us!

Thanks for asking.


Craig Cummins

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